ADCNRAlabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
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ADCNR staff will now work with the project submitters to further develop the projects to obtain all the information that is needed for final approval and implementation.
With the expectation of future GOMESA disbursements, the Governors Office and the ADCNR will continue to evaluate funding opportunities for GOMESA projects.
ADCNR is an executive and administrative department of the State of Alabama created by statute.
Hand explained that the state's scrap tire program oversees the cleanup of illegal scrap tire dumps in Alabama and is works with ADCNR and other stakeholders to promote demonstration projects to demonstrate beneficial uses of recycled scrap tire material.
5) Compartmentalization of shrimp fisheries management jurisdic tion2 among the GMFMC, TPWD, LDWF, MDMR, ADCNR, and FFWCC (Caillouet et al., 2008).
"The new flow regime, thanks to our partners at the ADCNR and Alabama Power, will deliver a constant flow somewhat similar to what it was prior to 1960, said Jeff Powell, Senior Aquatic Biologist with the U.S.
Fish and Wildlife Service and the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) have been working with Alabama Power to determine the specific flows and improve water quality at the same time.