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ADCONAdministrative Control
ADCONAnalog to Digital Converter
ADCONAddress Constant
ADCONAdvise All Concerned
ADCONAdvise Concerning
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In addition to the 10 ADCON brigades, INSCOM has 5 functional brigades:
The comptroller, FMer or not, is looked to as the expert for all things financial, funding special security and logistical support, and WSA ADCON. The base and community are counting on the comptroller to ensure the proper decision analysis and research is completed swiftly.
An Adcon telemetry system transmits sensory data via a low-powered radio to a base station that dispatches a vineyard's vital signs to Decker's desktop computer.
A commander with OPCON has the authority to "organiz[e] and employ[] commands and forces, assign[] tasks, designat[e] objectives, and giv[e] authoritative direction over all aspects of military operations and joint training necessary to accomplish the mission." (141) The most important element of OPCON is the authority of a commander to "plan for, deploy, direct, control, and coordinate the actions of subordinate forces." (142) Notably, OPCON also provides the "authority to organize and employ commands and forces as the commander considers necessary to accomplish assigned missions." However, the delegation of OPCON over forces does not automatically provide ADCON over those forces.
No battalion commander wants to receive a mission ("take care of this company"), and then be told that he doesn't have full authority to do so--as in merely an ADCON role.
According to Army Doctrine Publication 4-0, Sustain-ment, ensuring freedom of action, and extending the operational reach of supported units are key aspects of the sustainment warfighting function; providing ADCON support is a key element in accomplishing this.
Thinking on this ADCON concept predates the actual move to establish this construct for CPTS/CCs.
ADCON is the direction or exercise of authority over subordinate or other organizations in respect to administration and support (GL-5).
This sales forecast is based in part on launches of new products such as Allografts as well as increasing sales of existing products such as Bone Cements and Adcon.
Stennis Space Center, MC on October 1, 1999, and commissioned an Echelon IV shore command with Operation Control (OPCON) and Administrative Control (ADCON) through Commander Naval Special Warfare Center and Naval Special Warfare Command to USSOCOM (shifted C2 from under CNET).
The policy directed attachment of the battalion to the 36th Engineer Brigade (also known as the Rugged Brigade) at Fort Hood, Texas, for TRA with secondary attachment to the 3d Infantry Division (3ID) at Fort Stewart, Georgia, for administrative control (ADCON)(-)/ Title 10 responsibilities.
Special function registers ADCON and ADCH are used for controlling the acquisition process.