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ADCONAdministrative Control
ADCONAnalog to Digital Converter
ADCONAddress Constant
ADCONAdvise All Concerned
ADCONAdvise Concerning
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144) Thus, ADCON includes: resourcing and equipping the force, administration, personnel management, logistics, unit and individual training, mobilization, military discipline, and other readiness functions.
According to Army Doctrine Publication 4-0, Sustain-ment, ensuring freedom of action, and extending the operational reach of supported units are key aspects of the sustainment warfighting function; providing ADCON support is a key element in accomplishing this.
Thinking on this ADCON concept predates the actual move to establish this construct for CPTS/CCs.
the commander(s) retaining ADCON and OPCON of the supporting forces.
Second, an OPCON relationship would effectively cut off the relinquished capability from its main purpose and source of mission--to represent the Army's ADCON responsibility (such as its provision of materiel) in theater.
The Fighter Associate Program continues to develop the way administrative control (ADCON) issues will be resolved; successfully setting the ADCON framework will be crucial to plans involving even larger scale integration between active-duty and ARC forces.
The biosurgery products include ADCON-L and ADCON-T/N and ADCON Solution, which are proprietary, resorbable, carbohydrate polymer medical devices designed to inhibit scarring and adhesions following surgery.
In a memorandum dated 31 May 2009, USAFCENT commander Gen Gary North established JET air expeditionary units in Afghanistan with the primary intent of providing specified ADCON over all deployed JET and IA Airmen.
Another term used is "command less OPCON," which is similar to ADCON.
For military justice purposes, his unit was directly ADCON to SOCCENT, located in Tampa, Florida.