ADCPAnalysis & Data Collection Plan
ADCPAcoustic Doppler Current Profiler
ADCPAdult Degree Completion Program
ADCPAir Defense Communications Platform
ADCPAdenosine Deaminase Complexing Protein
ADCPAdvanced Display Core Processor
ADCPA Desert Called Peace (book)
ADCPAnimal Damage Control Program (Washington)
ADCPAccelerated Degree Completion Program
ADCPAdult Drug Court Program (various locations)
ADCPAir Defense Command Post
ADCPAvesta Device Control Protocol
ADCPAdvanced Degree Completion Program
ADCPAssociates Degree Completion Program
ADCPAirdrop Cargo and Personnel (C-5, Dover AFB, DE)
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Being a repeat winner of this exceptional award demonstrates how ADCP has maintained its position as the premier property management team in the UAE.
In this example, three profilers were released in a cluster with an initial separation of 3 km, spanning a front, and allowed to drift for ~2 days while the ship traversed short sections with the underway CTD, pole-mounted ADCP, and bow chain.
When contacted, ADCP said that they were not responsible for the running of the building's facilities, but they were doing everything they could to help the tenants.
05 CDDGS, corn dry distillers grains with solubles; BW, body weight; SEM, standard error of mean; DMI, dry matter intake; CPI, crude protein intake; NDFI, neutral detergent fiber intake; ADDM, apparent digestibility of dry matter; ADCP, apparent digestibility of crude protein; ADNDF, apparent digestibility of neutral detergent fiber; kdCP, digestion rate of crude protein; kdNDF, digestion rate of neutral fiber detergent; EDCP, effective degradability of crude protein; EDNDF, effective degradability of neutral detergent fiber; kp, passage rate; SEM, standard error of mean.
Last night ADCP Pawar said: "A case has been registered against Deol under Section 365 (kidnapping) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).
This accomplishment should not stop our concerted efforts to further improve our service and quality standards to take ADCP to higher levels," he added.
Simultaneous ADCP and SVDL data were also used to calibrate SHEAR7 v4.
The waves either compress or stretch out when they hit particles moving toward or away from the ADCR The sound waves pounce back to the ADCP, giving the vehicle data to measure the speed of surrounding currents and the vehicle's speed over the seafloor.
Para evitar la interferencia entre el ADCP y la Ecosonda Simrad de doble-frecuencia EK60, se utilizo un sistema sincronizador.
Os perfis topograficos transversais da planicie aluvial foram obtidos a partir de imagens da SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission), seguindo a metodologia de Carvalho (2009), e os dados de batimetria do canal foram mensurados com ADCP modelo M9 (Carvalho, 2008).
In addition to unique three-dimensional velocity data, the ADCP surveys provided detailed bathymetric information, which can be used to assess the stability of the SH since 1992.