ADCPAnalysis & Data Collection Plan
ADCPAcoustic Doppler Current Profiler
ADCPAdult Degree Completion Program
ADCPAir Defense Communications Platform
ADCPAdenosine Deaminase Complexing Protein
ADCPAdvanced Display Core Processor
ADCPA Desert Called Peace (book)
ADCPAnimal Damage Control Program (Washington)
ADCPAccelerated Degree Completion Program
ADCPAdult Drug Court Program (various locations)
ADCPAir Defense Command Post
ADCPAvesta Device Control Protocol
ADCPAdvanced Degree Completion Program
ADCPAssociates Degree Completion Program
ADCPAirdrop Cargo and Personnel (C-5, Dover AFB, DE)
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With the signed partnership, ADCP is the first property management company to be associated with the TAMM initiative and will link the company's property management system (PMS) with that of the capital's governing body.
The purpose of this study was to acquire and quantify the acoustic intensity of static and mobile ADCP to determine suspended sediment concentrations.
ADCP Pawar said: "By the time the facts had been established after interrogation of Sukhdev Singh, Deol had already returned to the UK on May 15.
This recertification (first iissued in 2008) demonstrates ADCP's effective quality management system to guide and govern its operations, said a statement from the UAE company.
ADCP data was correlated to the SVDL data to determine the source of vibrations at low and high frequencies.
The management of such buildings was in-turn assigned to the bank's subsidiary Abu Dhabi Commercial Properties (ADCP).
Supply of an advanced instrument to measure the water speed in rivers and canals (ADCP).
El ADCP es un dispositivo acustico utilizado principalmente para hacer perfiles de velocidad emitiendo pulsos sonoros a traves de la columna de agua y registrando la intensidad y frecuencia del eco reflejado por las particulas en suspension.
Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) data obtained in the vicinity of the ice bridge show strong tidal fluctuations, which lead to current reversal just south of Kane Basin (Melling et al., 2001).
Like people feeling their way through a dark room by touching a wall, AUVs keep in contact with the seafloor by "touching" it with sound waves, using an acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP).
Its product line includes flexible riser buoyancy, modular buoys of any size, ADCP buoys, ROV/AUV buoyancy modules, pipeline/sled buoyancy, QuickLoc[TM] cable floats, Hardball[TM] umbilical floats, FLOTECT[TM] cable and pipeline protection, and elastomeric bend stiffeners and restrictors.