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ADD1Adipocyte Determination and Differentiation Factor 1
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Wang et al., "The interactions between alcohol consumption and DNA methylation of the ADD1 gene promoter modulate essential hypertension susceptibility in a population-based, case-control study," Hypertension Research, vol.
Wang et al., "Lower ADD1 gene promoter DNA methylation increases the risk of essential hypertension," PLoS ONE, vol.
Las asociaciones mencionadas en parrafos anteriores entre nivel de ECA y polimorfismos del gen que lo codifica hicieron pensar que el analisis genetico podria ser util para correlacionar con la respuesta a inhibidores de ECA, pero en la practica eso no ha podido ser replicado; lo mismo ha sucedido con la relacion entre el polimorfismo Gly460Trp del gen ADD1 y la efectividad de los diureticos tiazidicos en el control de la PA.
Simbolo Observaciones Locus AGT Angiotensinogeno 1q42 REN Renina 1q32 AGTR1 Receptor 1 de angiotensina 3q21-25 AGTR2 Receptor 2 de angiotensina Xq22 ECA (ACE) Enzima convertidora de angiotensina 17q23 ATP6AP2 Receptor de renina Xp11 ERK1(MAPK3) Proteina kinasa activada por renina 16p11 ERK2(MAPK1) Proteina kinasa activada por renina 22q11 CYP11B2 Aldosterona sintasa 8q21 NEDD4L Ligasa de ubiquitina 18q21 ECE1 Enzima convertidora de endotelina 1p36 ATP1B1 ATPasaB1- Transporte Na+/K+ 1q22 ADD1 Aducina 1 alfa 4p16
The class C of all objects with a cnt field is represented by the set {o [element of] O : "cnt" [element of] dom o}, and the method add1 by the function with domain C such that add1[o] equals the function
Five levels of difficulty were created for each auditory addition task by presenting digits at the rates of 15, 30, 42, 48, and 57 digits/min for the add1 task, and 9, 18, 30, 39, and 48 digits/min for the add3 task.
The costs of entry are captured by variables reflecting entry barriers and risk; AHH1, ADD1, ASUPE, CAPREQ, and AVPROF.
Council of the European Union (2008), Review of the Implementation by Member States and the EU Institutions of the Beijing Platform for Action--Women in Political Decision-making, 9670/08 ADD1. Strasbourg: Council of the European Union.
CHECK-add1 indicates that add1 may fail when applied to some element of a, as indeed it will.
Add1 1/4 cups sugar and 1 teaspoon vanilla; stir until sugar is melted and amber-colored, about 4 minutes.