ADD2Advanced Digital Display Second Generation
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Kylix atica, figuras negras, Pintor C (ABV 51/1; Add2 13), c.
Among these differentially methylated regions two genes (ADD2 and AKR1B1) are presented as potential screening markers of colorectal cancer.
The best known of this type is called the Add2 chord; e.g., CDEG.
MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Lord Stafford (centre) with two of last year's winners Brett Dowen, of add2,(left) and Tim Jones of Molecular Solar
Elsewhere, Cannock-based add2, Warwick Manufacturing Group and Jaguar Land Rover won in the innovation section and Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery and the University of Lincoln's School of Engineering in the open collaboration category.
The Soil Survey of Franklin County, OH (McLoda and Parkinson 1980), identifies three soils at the site, the AdD2 and AdE2 Alexandria silt loam, the BeB Bennington silt loam, and the CaB Cardington silt loam.
A series of annexes remain unchanged in relation to document IGC 60 ADD1 and ADD2, the so-called "post-Naples document", including texts on defence policy and structured co-operation.
In the Innovation Achieved category add2, Warwick Manufacturing Group and Jaguar Land Rover were successful after developing a pounds 10million testing system which decreases faults on premium vehicles.
Meanwhile, Cannock-based add2, JLR and the Warwick Manufacturing Group have made major steps forward in improving motor engine testing techniques and will be vital in making the technology for hybrid vehicles viable by developing the groundbreaking testing system for premium vehicles.