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ADDDAssociation of Data-Driven Design
ADDDA Depository of Development Documents (software engineering)
ADDDAssistant Director for Detention and Deportation (US DOJ)
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Parvez was escorted by the Iranian consul," the embassy addd.
Madinaty, TMG's largest residential project, "is the core business for TMG as it holds 66 percent of the company's total land bank of 50 million square meters," Beltone addd.
Afterwards, one mL of the original sample was taken out and addd to 9 mL of sterilized distilled water to give 10-1 dilution of original sample.
It offers an optional additional cover through ADDD Rider (Accident Death, Disability, Dismemberment)
US IT products distributor Tech Data (NASDAQ:TECD) announced it has agreed to buy Belgian value addd distributor Source NV for un undisclosed sum, to reinforce its presence in Belgium.
He addd: "I was asked about Glastonbury and someone said, 'Would I like to play there again?' I said, 'Yes' but I think people interpreted that as, 'I would like Pulp to play Glastonbury again'."
He addd that it was very important to intensify the cooperation between the private and public sector and increase the role of universities and research centers in developing pharmaceuticals products.
He has not disappointed, and now many will get the ADDD (Alastair Down Denman Disease).
The companion NewsMate automatic plate loader with slipsheet removal can be installed with the NewsXpress, addd to it later, or moved from one NewsXpress to another.
Mr Paiboon addd: ``The shares would be sold at 100 baht each with a target of one million shareholders to serve as back-up partners in the venture.
Pike & Fischer said it will also soon addd a database of the entire FCC Table of Frequency Allocations.
A brief script was written and addd to the MASTER and SLVE P4 Proc Groups to simply pad all messages with zeros, making them 1,537 bytes.