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ADDEAbstract Data Distribution Environment
ADDEAddere (Latin: to add; medicine)
ADDEAbstract Data Distribution Environment (software)
ADDEAssociation of Dental Dealers in Europe
ADDEApplication Development for the Distributed Enterprise
ADDEAssistant District Director for Examinations
ADDEAeronautical Digital Data Environment
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The swiftness of those Circles attribute, Though numberless, to his Omnipotence, That to corporeal substances could adde Speed almost Spiritual; mee thou thinkst not slow, Who since the Morning hour set out from Heav'n Where God resides, and ere mid-day arriv'd In EDEN, distance inexpressible By Numbers that have name.
They also wished the national team success in more championships, Abu Zeid adde.
Pakistan is still facing problems in terms of gender inequality and lacking infrastructure but he are working on it and central government is in contact with different NGO and the provincials to achieve the target in this regard, he adde.
The prevailing price-hike is limiting me to buy clothes only for my children,' he adde.
Abraj Misr Company aims to complete The Shore, being built at a cost of EAaAaAeAe[pounds sterling]2 billion ($111 million), within a two-year period, it adde
Mr Thomas referred to a report from auditors which said the Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe (ADDE), the parliamentary group dominated by Ukip, should repay PS146,696 of the funds intended for European Parliament business.
But the ADDE - a grouping which includes MEPs from seven countries but has a large Ukip majority - said its spending was "fully eligible and compliant to EU regulations" and it would challenge the audit in the European Court of Justice.
If the lacrimal gland is injured or damaged by aging, pollution or even certain pharmaceutical drugs, a person can experience a debilitating condition called aqueous deficiency dry eye (ADDE), sometimes called "painful blindness."
Helmsman Gordon Emery adde: "Once again we make an appeal to people walking out on the sandbanks in the Black Rock area to be particularly mindful of incoming tide times.
In January, Kenyan troops took heavy losses when al-Shabab conducted a dawn raid on their camp in El Adde near the Kenyan border.
"The new service will also help in protecting the lawful rights of all parties concerned in accordance with the most advanced electronic means," the official adde. The launch of this new service comes as an extension to the comprehensive electronic service launched previously by GOSI with the aim of facilitating all procedures for clients without the need to submit any of their data on the website or in person.
"Western Visayas is very rich in marine biodiversity," PiAaAaAeA~osa sai "If we don't know how to protect and take care of them when captured or stranded in cages, they are likely to die," PiAaAaAeA~osa adde