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ADDICTSAcoustic Digital Data Information & Control Transmission System
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In Visayas, the survey recorded that presence of addicts rose by three percentage points to 43 percent in December 2017 from 40 percent in September 2017.
Due to lukewarm attitude of police and anti narcotics forces, the number of drug addicts in Karkhano Market is increasing day-by-day posing threat to local people, including shopkeepers and customers.
Salamat Azimi said that the construction work of newly established center for addicts treatment, shelter and vocational training had been completed and will be inaugurated officially soon.
In some cases, parents of reformed drug addicts doubt their behaviour.
He said that financial burdens in general can trigger a relapse for recovering addicts.
A woman sitting near the driver giving money the addict
Parents believe that by remaining in the company of former militants and political prisoners for a prolonged period, their drug addict sons would turn towards religion and become good citizens.
Won't addicts being handed "freebies" relish the idea of sitting in the comfort of a warm cosy room injecting themselves with free drugs to the extent that another kind of abuse will be brought into play?
Results: Data showed that 16 Percent of the addicts reported severe physical abuse, 20 Percent reported severe emotional abuse and 14 Percent reported emotional neglect.
Dr Ahmed Dawoud estimates that only two out of ten drug addicts receive proper treatment in public drug addiction treatment centres
University of Cambridge scientists have found same abnormalities in the brains of addicts and their non-addicted brothers and sisters.
up 95 percent of the country's total of addicts, showed the study, conducted