ADDIEAnalysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation (Instructional Systems Development process model)
ADDIEAdaptive Digital Element
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Internal to USAICoE's ADDIE process was the creation of discipline technical advisors (DTAs) to provide overall management of the ADDIE process.
I was at the wake of my brother, and she came to condole with me,' Addie told me about her first meeting with Marilee Pierce Dunker, author of 'Man of Vision,' a book about her parents Bob and Lorraine Pierce.
It is of course Addie, a widow who has lived a block away on Cedar for decades, and a woman who was good friends with Louis' late wife.
One person not nervous about the date -- Leah's daughter Addie, whom she shares with Jeremy.
Grandma Addie climbed in and started Lizzie's engine.
Yet Addie s words remain on the page, with their self-reflexivity, their bold theories about the relationship between language and experience, words and world.
Addie is just on the cusp of adulthood, so she is trying to feel out her own moral judgments about the events that are unfolding.
Her father is angry and emotionally abusive; her brother wants to study law and leave the family business; her older sister is hiding an attachment to a young man who wants to take her west; and Addie holds all of the secrets.
Addie's mother, Fern, leaves home after the untimely death of her young son Evan, leaving a gaping hole in the lives of three ranchers--teenager Addie, her faithful father and her doting grandfather.
The narrative moves fluidly through time, flashing back to the pasts of Addie and Louis as their relationship deepens.
In the early 1960s, while Carr was preaching and leading the way in the area of race, he also became a proponent for women's ordination, especially the ordination of one woman: Addie Davis.
Neighbours Addie Moore and Louis Waters, both widowed and in their twilight years, have been alone for some time and Addie for one would like some companionship to overcome the stifling loneliness of later life, and Louis agrees.