ADDMAutomatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (Oracle Database 10g)
ADDMA&D Data Management (Siemens MCIS suite)
ADDMAsynchronous Digital Data Modem
ADDMAssistant District Director for Management
ADDMAcquisition Document Development and Management (US Air Force)
ADDMAsynchronous Distributed Decision Making
ADDMAutomated Documentation Development and Maintenance
ADDMAsynchronous Digital Data Multiplexing
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Cases were all children with ADDM surveillance-ascertained ASDs born within the source population as defined above.
The ADDM network recorded variables that further characterized the phenotype for children meeting the ADDM case definition of ASD.
The remaining 20 percent met the ADDM Network classification for ASD, but did not meet the DSM-5 criteria.
Children who met the ADDM Network classification for ASD were more likely to meet DSM-5 criteria if: They had a history of developmental regression; they had intellectual disability; or they had been diagnosed with ASD by a community provider or were receiving special education services under an autism exceptionality, or both.
communities in the ADDM Network for children who were 8 years old in 2006 (born in 1998) and 2004 (children born in 1996).
9 per 1,000 children aged 8 years) than any of the five other sites in the initial ADDM Network.
ADDM solutions automate the process of mapping transactions and applications to underlying infrastructure and application interdependencies.
The purpose of CDC's ADDM project was to develop a system for better understanding the size and characteristics of the population of children with an ASD.
BMC ADDM combines the depth of Tideway's best-of-breed discovery capabilities with the breadth of BMC's Atrium solutions to establish a new standard for understanding the relationships and dependencies of organizations' physical assets and applications.
BMC ADDM discovers and maps dependencies of not only the business applications and servers but now also maps network devices and mainframe and detailed Java dependencies as well.
Jacobs also introduced "My and your friend Adam," which is really ADDM, Oracle's built-in Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor.