ADDP1,1'- (Azodicarbonyl)dipiperidine
ADDPAssociation of Developmental Disabilities Providers (Massachusetts)
ADDPAssociation Départementale de Défense du Public (French: Departmental Association of Public Defense)
ADDPAIDS Drug Distribution Program
ADDPAnalyze Dissect Detect Process
ADDPAdvanced Digi Discovery Protocol
ADDPAsymmetrically Degenerated Differential Pair
ADDPAfrica Decade of Disabled People
ADDPAir Dominance Decision Point
ADDPAppraisal Defect Detection & Prevention (finance)
ADDPAssociation of Due Diligence Professionals (Evergreen, CO)
ADDPAdvanced Disconnect Detection Protocol (Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.)
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ADDP is also available to appraisers for a low, per-transaction fee, allowing them to know what their score will be before they deliver a report to the lender, thereby giving them time to repair any defects in the report before it negatively impacts their performance history with the lender or AMC.
The Framingham-based ADDP is a statewide association committed to ensuring, strengthening and promoting the viability of community-based organizations that support people with developmental disabilities and their families.
The onus was on Narsingh to prove to the ADDP he was not guilty and that his food/ drink was contaminated by someone else.
ADDP President Gary Blumenthal cited Remke for having "created in her program a culture that fosters community involvement for the individuals served by the program.
Goff, President and CEO, a 20-year senior management veteran of MasterCard, GlobalPay, ADDP and IBM; and Brian Smiga, SVP of Marketing and Business Development, formerly co-founder of software companies Actioneer.
The recent episode relating to Narsingh has shown the ADDP ( anti- doping disciplinary panel ) of the Indian agency NADA ( national anti doping agency) in poor light.
The Arc and ADDP Ways and Means request is $56 million.
In New Delhi, the ADDP ( anti doping disciplinary panel) of the NADA on Monday cleared the superstar wrestler for Olympic participation but there are few obstacles ahead.
ADDP is headed by a legal expert and includes doctors and sportspersons.