ADDRAddressed (stamp and envelope collecting)
ADDRAir Data Dead Reckoning
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Bit15~bit6 ADDR for the data bits, using the data must be converted before conversion formula as shown in formula (2):
After an image is acquired using DEVAA at the local clinic, it is transmitted to the ADDR via the Department of Defense Nonclassified Internet Protocol Router Network.
This initiated a series of DENCLASS improvements which permitted radiographs and electronic examination records produced by the Reserve Health Readiness Program (which replaced FEDS HEAL) or direct contracted networks to be placed into the ADDR using DENCLASS as the entry portal.
Surveillance of diarrhoea: A census of all households in the selected village-clusters was carried out in July 1993, and a household identification number (called ADDR household number) was allocated to each eligible household.
Fitzroy Henry, ADDR Regional Advisor, for his invaluable assistance and suggestions during the preparation of this manuscript.