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ADDSActive Directory Domain Services (Microsoft Windows)
ADDSAviation Digital Data Service
ADDSActive Directory Domain Services
ADDSAfrica Data Dissemination Service
ADDSArmy Data Distribution System
ADDSApplication Data Delivery Service
ADDSAutomated Data Distribution System
ADDSAdvanced Data Distribution System
ADDSAmerican Digestive Disease Society
ADDSAutomatic Data Distribution System
ADDSAdvanced Display and Debriefing System
ADDSAdvanced Digital Dispensing System (combat flare & chaff jamming system equipment)
ADDSAdvanced Dish Development System (renewable energy)
ADDSAir Deployable Delivery System
ADDSAdvanced Display and Debriefing Subsystem
ADDSAerial Delivery Dispensing System
ADDSApplied Digital Data Systems Incorporated
ADDSAutomatic Document Distribution Service
ADDSAutomated Departmental Directives System
ADDSAdvanced Development Docking System
ADDSApplication Data Delivery Services
ADDSAeronautical Digital Data System
ADDSAir Deployment Delivery System
ADDSATOS Data Distribution System
ADDSAutomated Direct Dispatch System
ADDSAutomated Design and Documentation System
ADDSAnti-Depressant Discontinuation Syndrome
ADDSAutomated Departure Display System (airports)
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"It would be just heavenly!" and Phebe's face shone at the mere idea; but fell again as she added wistfully, "Only I'm afraid I ought not to let you do it, Miss Rose.
If, then, these are the only parts of an animal and there are differences between them; namely, in their various sorts of stomachs, bellies, and sensoriums: to which we must add their motive powers; the number of the combinations of all these must necessarily make up the different species of animals.
Is it necessary to add that my first visit will be paid at your house?
Hence the author attaches particular importance to the public knowing for a certainty that the chapters here added have not been made expressly for this reprint.
The shade of newly awakened interest in her face, and the curve of her lips as she spoke, added to her charm.
"And then you have added so much to it yourself, you are always buying books."
"Two added to one--if that could but be done," It said, "with one's fingers and thumbs!" Recollecting with tears how, in earlier years, It had taken no pains with its sums.
"What a charming child," she added, addressing the mother.
We Fish-Eaters had not learned to add our strength until our strength was the strength of all of us.
I add these lines to your sister's letter because I am not sure that you are quite so fit yet, as she thinks you, to accept her proposal.
But," he added, with an air of chagrin, which he endeavored, though unsuccessfully, to conceal, "had I been aware that what I then believed a soldier's conduct could be so construed, shame would have been added to the list of reasons."
"They are the prawns of the air," said Joe, who added that he was sorry that he had never had the chance to taste them--just for information's sake!