ADEDYAnotati Diikisis Enoseon Dimosion Ypallilon (Greek trade union)
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It shouldn't be workers who pay for the crisis, but those who have the money," ADEDY said in a statement.
We call on every worker and every citizen to fight to overthrow the government's catastrophic plans," ADEDY said.
We demand that the government changes these unjust policies that hurt workers and kill the public sector," said ADEDY chief Costas Tsikrikas.
The new, painful package should not be passed," the ADEDY public sector union said in a statement.
We want the government to withdraw these horrible measures, which have brought us such misery," said Ilias Iliopoulos, general secretary of public sector union ADEDY.
Public-sector union ADEDY, which has launched crippling strikes and protests, reacted angrily to his comments.
Yesterday the Spaniards took to the streets, today it's us, tomorrow the Italians and the day after - all the people of Europe," Yiorgos Harisis, a unionist from the ADEDY public sector group told demonstrators.
The GSEE and ADEDY represent about 800,000 private- and public-sector workers between them.
We call on everyone to take part in the strike and resist the austerity measures that hurt Greek people and the economy," said unionist Despoina Spanou of the ADEDY labour group.
The action by private sector umbrella union GSEE and its public sector counterpart ADEDY, which represent around half of Greece's workforce, also shut down schools and banks.
TOMBSTONE" "The measures included in the new (EU/IMF) memorandum and which the three political leaders agreed with the government and the troika are the 'tombstone' of the Greek society," the civil servants' union ADEDY said in statement.
We are going to send a loud message to the government and the political system," said Costas Tsikrikas, head of Greece's largest public sector union, ADEDY, which is organising the strike with its private sector counterpart GSEE.