ADEDYAnotati Diikisis Enoseon Dimosion Ypallilon (Greek trade union)
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ADEDY and private sector union GSEE have brought people to the streets repeatedly since the crisis broke out in 2009.
According to Athens News, the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE), which represents the private sector, and the public sector ADEDY, have urged all working people to take part in a protest demonstration in Syntagma Square in central Athens.
The protests organised by the two main Greek unions, ADEDY and GSEE, came ahead of a general strike on October 19, which will also affect banks and shops.
We will keep protesting, demanding that the new budget does not include any further salary cuts," Ilias Iliopoulos, general secretary of public sector union ADEDY, said.
Two separate rallies took place by the public and private sector trade unions, ADEDY and GSEE, as well as unions affiliated with the Communist Labour Front.
There are other things the (government) can do, before taking money from a pensioner who earns 500 euro (pounds 430) a month," Spyros Papaspyros, leader of the public servants' union ADEDY, told Mega television.
ADEDY, the largest union of public-sector workers, scheduled a work stoppage for Monday.
that Golden Dawn is the enemy of democracy," public sector union ADEDY said.
ADEDY, the public sector umbrella union which organized the walkout, described government efforts to reduce the 600,000-strong civil service as "the most merciless plan" to eliminate workers' rights.
The latest two-day strike over the job overhaul was called by Greece's union of civil servants, ADEDY.
In response to the new austerity measures, Greece's main public and private sector unions ADEDY have called a 24-hour nationwide strike on July 16 to protest the layoffs.
Striking teachers, doctors and municipal workers started gathering in central Athens as part of the walkout called by the ADEDY union, which represents about half a million public sector workers or roughly a quarter of the country's workforce.