ADEEAssociation for Dental Education in Europe
ADEEAge Dependent Epileptic Encephalopathy
ADEEAverage Daily Energy Expenditure
ADEEAutomated Design and Engineering for Electronics
ADEEAssociate Director for Energy and Environment
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ADEE Office, 6 Units Type-ll, 1 Units Type-Ill, 1 Unit Type-IV and 1 Unit Type-V staff quarters at Ajmer Station including water supply arrangement, compound wall, Drain, Approach Road and allied works including internal wiring and street lighting arrangment in Ajmer-Rani Section of North Western Railway
ADEE Phelan - the man responsible for cutting David Beckham's mohawk - has returned to his home city of Birmingham.
Adees called on the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the United Nations to take a firm position against these crimes and protect Palestinians from these frequent attacks.