ADEFAAsociacion de Fabricas de Automotores
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In the latest result, a total of 45,262 vehicles were produced in August, up 18.6% from July and 3.9% from the same month in 2016, according to data compiled by Adefa.
Chapter five tells the abhorrent story of the Aryanization of the German garment trade under the guidance of Adefa, an organization established to "cleanse" the industry of Jews.
Reporting from Buenos Aires on April 5, 2005, the Dow Jones news service carried an announcement from the national association of automobile manufacturers (ADEFA) saying that March 2005 production of cars was 25.9 percent ahead of the annual period ending in March 2004.
Cabe aclarar que a partir del nuevo Regimen Automotriz firmado en d ano 2000, el requerimiento de autopartes nacionales se redujo al 30%, lo que podria estar indicando, lobby mediante de la camara que agrupa a las ensambladoras (Adefa), d blanqueo de una situacion ya de hecho.
As an early step in their search for cultural identity the Afro-Germans organized a women's group, ADEFA (for "Afrodeutsche Frauen" or Afro-German Women), and the ISD (for "Initiative Schwarze Deutsche" or Black German Initiative), with affiliated branches in major urban centers such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, and Stuttgart.