ADELMAAsociación de Empresas de Detergentes y de Productos de Limpieza, Mantenimiento y Afines (Spanish association of detergents, cleaning products, preservatives and similar products)
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In this way, the traveller presents a catalogue of imaginary spaces but not necessarily utopian places: on the contrary, if the cities reflect fears they can also represent dystopian images (3): <<Perhaps Adelma is the city where you arrive dying and where each finds again the people he has known.
Unlike Zaira and Eutropia, Adelma evokes the theme of nonlinear time through the demonstrative exhibition of its unusual and mingled citizenry that combines the realm of the living and that of the dead.
Peruvian Adelma Tapia Ruiz, 37, was killed in the bombings at Zaventem Airport.
Adelma's brother Fernando said the family were at the check-in desk for their flight from Brussels to New York when the twins, Maureen and Alondra, ran off to play.
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So sollte sich zum Beispiel eine Darstellerin daruber Gedanken machen, was fur eine Person Adelma vor der Handlung des Stuckes gewesen sein konnte.
Taking these courses increases the odds of earning a college diploma Percentage of high school graduates completing this course who then High school course title earned a bachelor's degree by age 30 Algebra 1 8% Geometry 23% Algebra 2 40% Trigonometry 62% Precalculus 74% Calculus 80% Source: Adelma, Clifford.
Morgan Barach Gregor Paslawsky ThirdEunuch/ Dorma Carolyn Pasquantonio Zelina/Queen Almaze Susan Pourfar Brighella Josh Radnor Adelma Maria Elena Ramirez Second Eunuch/ Nessun Mark Shunock Prince Calaf James Stanley Truffaldino/Ishmael Andrew Weems Imperial Guards Leith Burke, Ron Nahass, Aaron Michael Norris Darko Tresnjak's "Princess Turandot" is not an opera, but it's nearly as funny as the over-the-top masterpiece that Puccini left unfinished at his death in 1924.
While these sites do, to some extent, attract visitors who reflect their orientation or activities, Adelma Hills (1993) and Janis Wiley Driscoll (1995) confirm Leach's possibly more apt explanation of nature orientations.
Borges y Bioy hacen de este dispositivo un blanco de la parodia ya desde el arranque de su obra en colaboracion, en el perfil trazado por la "educadora", senorita Adelma Badoglio (Adelia Puglione en su primer edicion de Sur, de 1942) de la obra de Bustos Domecq.