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ADEMAlabama Department of Environmental Management
ADEMAcute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis
ADEMAdvanced Data Communications for Stores Emulation
ADEMArkansas Department of Emergency Management
ADEMArizona Division of Emergency Management (Phoenix, AZ)
ADEMAdvanced Diesel Engine Management (Caterpillar)
ADEMAdministration de l'Emploi (Luxembourg)
ADEMAteneo de Manila (Philippines)
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Does ADEM have resources to assist them along these lines?
Pearce's column erroneously implied a link between vaccination and ADEM, and failed to convey that the correlation of an event in time does not imply causality.
The liberation of the remaining territories had to be carried on by other heroes, and at the time when the national myth for Adem Jashari was being built, his date of birth especially was considered as an indication that history had chosen him to continue the historic mission for the national liberation of Kosovo.
In patients with ADEM, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain shows hyperintense lesions on fluid-attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR) and T2-weighted MRI, and has an important role in diagnosing the disease (9,10).
Different aetiologies have also been studied and a clear co-relation has been found to the preceding history of febrile illness, viral or bacterial with an afebrile period from 1 to 20 days before the presentation of ADEM in 72% to 77% cases2,3,7.
More cases of encephalitis and ADEM are associated with virus infection than with vaccination.
* Adem Kulauzovic, Director of Coding Automation, Domino
Adem used to run his own Turkish bath house in Turkey and brought all his experience over to Liverpool to launch the city's only venue.
Adem's case was reportedly the first criminal conviction in the U.S.
Surgical and Medical Practices: Mehmet Kola, Hidayet Erdol, Sevil Ertugrul Atasoy, Concept: Mehmet Kola, Adem Turk, Design: Mehmet Kola, Adem Turk, Data Collection or Processing: Mehmet Kola, Hidayet Erdol, Sevil Ertugrul Atasoy, Adem Turk, Analysis or Interpretation: Mehmet Kola, Hidayet Erdol, Adem Turk, Literature Search: Mehmet Kola, Adem Turk, Writing: Adem Turk.
sa categorie, la Federation algerienne des luttes associees (Fala) a opte pour le plus experimente, a savoir Adem Boudjemline (85 kg) qui a composte son billet pour Rio en decrochant la deuxieme place du podium.