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ADEMEAgence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Energie (France; French Agency for Environment and Energy Management)
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However, ADEME argues that there is a need for further work in order to establish how to take into account land use changes in the (emissions) balances of products made with agricultural raw materials.
Ademe issues the list each year in an effort to highlight vehicles with lower emissions of carbon dioxide for consumers.
"Households are directly responsible for half of all CO2 emissions in a country like France through their energy consumption in the home and for transport", says ADEME.
France's Beet Growers' Confederation (Confederation generale des planteurs de betteraves - CGB) and Wheat and Grain Producers' Association (Association generale des producteurs de ble et autres cereales - AGPB) have welcomed a report published on January 19 by the Inter-Ministerial Mission on the Greenhouse Effect (Mission interministerielle francaise sur l'effet de serre - MIES) which recognises that production of biofuels generates a carbon saving and therefore contributes to reducing the greenhouse effect.However, the CGB and AGPB regret the MIES's failure to take account of the ADEME Environment and Energy Agency's analysis of the positive repercussions of biofuels.