ADEMIAssociacao de Dirigentes de Empresas do Mercado Imobiliario (Portugese)
ADEMIAssociation for the Development of Microenterprises, Inc. (Dominican Republic)
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This requires capacities for future inclusion into the system of monitoring, reporting and verification of greenhouse emissions to be gradually established," Ademi stated.
Now is the time when the Special Public Prosecution has the last and only word", stated observer Ademi.
Minister Ademi also held a meeting with representatives of the student parliaments about the idea of introducing an external state exam for university students.
"The scope of the study will include all interested parties, all scientific arguments will be taken into consideration and final decision is going to be reached in a transparent procedure," Ademi stated.
PDSH MP Imer Aliu urged Ademi not to deal with VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM, but to take responsibility for the activities of his political party.
Minister Ademi said he was shocked by the SONK president's appeal to students not to go to school on Monday.
"We are interested in what the effect is, whether the construction of such capacity will have a negative effect on the grapes because we, as a state, give subsidies for grapes and we also subsidize the wineries," said Minister Ademi.
"We will devote to organizing the elections, implementing all necessary reforms for the rule of law, economy and harmonizing our laws with the EU legislation", stressed Ademi. TV SHENJA
Minister Ademi stressed that he expected benefits from the participation in Horizon 2020.
According to Minister Ademi, the purpose of the monitoring stations is to follow the state of air quality.
According to Ademi, these demands will not be raised because their adoption takes more time than the adoption of Gruevski's proposals that need to pass Parliament before the European Commission releases its next report on Macedonia's progress.
Report's goal, according to Ademi, is to include the issue of climate changes in institutions, priorities to be established with a time-frame as well as necessary finances required by conditions stemming from future membership to EU to be determined.