ADEPAAsociacion de Entidades Periodisticas Argentinas (Spanish: Argentine Association of Journalistic Entities)
ADEPAAsociación el Defensor del Paciente
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En los sucesivos encuentros tuvo la adhesion del Foro de Periodismo Argentino (Fopea), el Circulo de Periodistas Parlamentarios, los corresponsales extranjeros, de varios medios y agencias y la asociacion empresaria ADEPA como asi tambien el apoyo de universidades que fueron anfitrionas de las conferencias (Lavalle y Schmidt, 2009).
(5) Segun surge de los informes de la Comision de Libertad de Prensa e Informacion presentados en las Asambleas Anuales ADEPA (2003 a 2013), la asociacion emitio declaraciones con quejas por agravios e insultos publicos de funcionarios nacionales y gobernadores.
(22) Asociacion de Entidades Periodisticas Argentinas (ADEPA), Informe mayo de 2012.
Commenting on the launch, Carlos Alberto Morales, CEO of ADEPA Asset Management, said, "Our clients will be able to take advantage of all the benefits of the Luxembourg fund structures and also have their funds administered locally in a professional and transparent way, and in a way that is in keeping with the religious practice."
When Argentina's newspaper publishers gather in Buenos Aires two weeks from now for the annual convention of the Asociacion de Entidades Periodisticas Argentinas (ADEPA), they will actually have something to celebrate -- for the first time in four years.
But after furious lobbying of a skeptical Congress and president, ADEPA managed to get legislation passed last month that will limit foreign interests from owning more than a 30% stake in papers and other media companies.
During his first term Menem tried to introduce legislation toughening press controls, but over and over again he has bowed to pressure from the influential organizations like ADEPA, ADIRA and others representing publishers and owners of the media.
Other projects the students showcased were, Symanus Advance School Management System, 3D Crystallisation of Augmented Reality using Sand Box, an interactive 3G drilling rig, design and implementation of geo emergency software for students and citizens, design of 3D representation and visualisation of various instruments, and Adepa Eco-Cookit.
Cesar Chelala, a New York writer, is a winner of an Overseas Press Club of America award and two awards from ADEPA, the organization of Argentine newspapers.
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