ADEQArizona Department of Environmental Quality
ADEQArkansas Department of Environmental Quality
ADEQAssociation for the Development of Environmental Quality (Thailand)
ADEQAdult Equivalent
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Hynum said ADEQ tries to work with property owners to clean up sites, but it can fine the property owner if the property isn't cleaned and returned to its normal state.
Section II describes the monitoring mechanisms of the ADEQ.
We are continuing to find ways to make the air we breathe healthier," said ADEQ director Marcus Devine.
The state statute provides that the public benefit may include any of the following: (1) substantial funding to perform remedial measures at the site; (2) performance of substantial remedial measures at the site; (3) productive reuse of a vacant or abandoned property; (4) development of a site by a governmental entity or nonprofit organization to address an important public purpose; (5) creation of conservation or recreation areas; or (6) any other public benefit that the ADEQ considers sufficient.
Teresa Marks, who will retire as ADEQ director at the end of this month, said the development of the play generated many complaints, "largely coming from people who lived in remote areas" that had never seen any industry come in.
Directing ADEQ to work with other states to establish a GHG
The ADEQ said in the presentation that the state generated about 37 million metric tons of carbon emissions in 2012.
Water samples will be analyzed by ADEQ to assess levels of VOCs, trace metals, major cations and anions, total and fecal coliforms, and total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) (30).
In a September 2002 meeting between the FWS Arizona field office, EPA, and ADEQ to discuss strategies for retaining species protection under the state NPDES program similar to section 7, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) agreed to inform FWS of its intent to approve construction stormwater permits in northwest Tucson and other sensitive areas, and to notify permit applicants about ESA procedures and their potential liability under section 9 take violations.
According to ADEQ, the draft policy includes measures requiring school bus drivers to turn off their engines upon reaching their destination and not turn the engine on until the bus is ready to depart, parking buses 100 feet from a school air intake system and placing signs near schools advising drivers to limit bus idling.
According to a notice filed with ADEQ, the chemical company needs a draft air permit because the expansion will change the emission levels of several of the plant's products.
150) In 1989, Cyprus Miami Mining Corporation provided ADEQ with a proposed interim Remedial Action Plan, which ADEQ approved in May of 1990.