ADEQArizona Department of Environmental Quality
ADEQArkansas Department of Environmental Quality
ADEQAssociation for the Development of Environmental Quality (Thailand)
ADEQAdult Equivalent
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3 million in savings to customers through reduced fees at ADEQ and the Industrial Commission of Arizona alone.
After Small wrote Meador a citation for littering, his ADEQ supervisors called Conner.
Section II describes the monitoring mechanisms of the ADEQ.
Directing ADEQ to work with other states to establish a GHG
It just sits there unclaimed, rve already asked ADEQ if anyone in Arizona hasn't used their funding, we would like to use it for particulate traps or oxidation catalysts on buses that can't take particulate traps.
We are continuing to find ways to make the air we breathe healthier," said ADEQ director Marcus Devine.
The state statute provides that the public benefit may include any of the following: (1) substantial funding to perform remedial measures at the site; (2) performance of substantial remedial measures at the site; (3) productive reuse of a vacant or abandoned property; (4) development of a site by a governmental entity or nonprofit organization to address an important public purpose; (5) creation of conservation or recreation areas; or (6) any other public benefit that the ADEQ considers sufficient.
ADEQ developed its manual with the assistance of several Arizona municipal water providers.
Others initiatives to monitor water quality and quantity in which the ADEQ (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality) cooperatively with Mexican institutions are the following: Binational Santa Cruz River Watershed Project (ADWR); Nogales Wash Joint U.
The exclusive area, which was on septic, was mandated by ADEQ to be connected to a sanitary system by April 1999.
The guidance practices used to implement the BMP rules are also a key mechanism that ADEQ has at its disposal to verify compliance with the law.