ADESSAlcohol and Drug Education and Support Services (Loyola University; Maryland)
ADESSAutomated Data Editing and Switching System (translation software)
ADESSAssociation des Etudiants (es) en Service Social
ADESSAgricultural Development Support to Seila (International Fund for Agricultural Development; Cambodia)
ADESSAnalog Data Equipment Switching System
ADESSAdvanced Enterprise Software Solutions
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Fujitsu's integration of ADESS and the Disaster Mitigation Information Provision System, using Fujitsu's middleware to visualize the transmission status of meteorological data and disaster mitigation information on a single screen, has enabled centralized and streamlined system operations.
To meet these societal needs, JMA uses the Fujitsu-constructed ADESS to collect observational data from both in and outside of Japan and to disseminate meteorological data and weather warnings to government disaster management agencies and local governments as well as private-sector weather services.
Fujitsu has now integrated JMA's Disaster Mitigation Information Provision System to the ADESS site in Kiyose City, Tokyo in eastern Japan, which together with Osaka in western Japan make up the two ADESS locations.
As one might expect, this intraparadigmatic alternation has generally been leveled out: the oblique stem *CaeCC- survives only in a few fossilized adverbials, e.g., I foersyl "on the side," roestoej "without fault," originally adess. to fars "side" and abl.
also D bad-un, I bad-yn "be sitting, staying" < *upa-had-; Miller 1903: 82, Thordarson 1981 : 258 with refs.) and the Digor adess, suffix -boel [I -yl, a-uyl] < *upari (originally a postposition, later univerbated), whereas elsewhere it has become the fricative v, e.g., in D oervadoe, I oervad "relative, brother" < *brata, D oexsoevoe, I oexsoev "night" < *xsapa (Miller 1903: 33-34, Thor-darson 1989a: 464).