ADEVAllan Deviation
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With this option, customers can make accurate phase noise and ADEV measurements with a single connection, eliminating the need for an external reference oscillator.
The culmination of over 20 years of research at world-leading laboratories, the 5120A allows customers to easily make highly accurate phase noise and ADEV measurements (down to -175 dBc/Hz and <3E-15 at 1 second, respectively) without any pre-calibration or pre-configuration, unlike other test instruments.
We also acquired in 2002, with our acquisition of ADEV Electronic, a low cost manufacturing plant in Tunisia.
The Company decided to expand the scope of our manufacturing restructuring plan and transfer certain production to our low cost manufacturing plants in Tunisia and Bulgaria, which were acquired with the acquisitions of ADEV Electronic and Fimet SRL in June 2001, respectively.
NYSE symbol "WTS") today announced that it has acquired ADEV Electronic SA located in Rosieres, France and its closely affiliated distributor, E.