ADEVAllan Deviation
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ADEV LAB & STUDIO designs and develops custom mobile products, mobile websites, SEO product landing pages and blog sites to drive branding and awareness.
Created by Richard Zelson, Founder and CEO of RMZ Development LLC and in collaboration with ADEV Inc.
With this option, customers can make accurate phase noise and ADEV measurements with a single connection, eliminating the need for an external reference oscillator.
The culmination of over 20 years of research at world-leading laboratories, the 5120A allows customers to easily make highly accurate phase noise and ADEV measurements (down to -175 dBc/Hz and <3E-15 at 1 second, respectively) without any pre-calibration or pre-configuration, unlike other test instruments.
ADEV performance of 3e-12 @ 1 second and long term aging of 10ppb per year
The Company decided to expand the scope of our manufacturing restructuring plan and transfer certain production to our low cost manufacturing plants in Tunisia and Bulgaria, which were acquired with the acquisitions of ADEV Electronic and Fimet SRL in June 2001, respectively.
REBIS was formed following the merger of Applications Development Corporation (ADEV) and Engineering Design Automation (EDA), which Robert helped to orchestrate as President of ADEV, one of Autodesk's leading third-party application developers.
NYSE symbol "WTS") today announced that it has acquired ADEV Electronic SA located in Rosieres, France and its closely affiliated distributor, E.
ADEV manufactures and distributes electronic systems predominantly to the OEM market.