ADEWAssociation for the Development and Enhancement of Women (Egypt)
ADEWAndrew Development Environment Workbench
ADEWAssociation of Directors of Education in Wales
ADEWAssociation of Directors of Education, Wales
ADEWAir Defense Early Warning
ADEWAirborne Directed Energy Weapons
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However, 3,400 fathers recently abducted their children in the space of only three months, according to a recent study issued by ADEW.
Iman Bibars (2008), chairwoman of the ADEW, further contends that, for Egyptian women to obtain a microloan, they should either have an existing business that needs financing or have a clear idea of a potential business.
If Cardiff decided to appeal this decision and proceed to a Judicial Review then ADEW would support the authority.
The ADEW Girls' Dreams Program began after staff started hearing about problems experienced by clients' adolescent daughters, who are commonly stuck at home taking care of siblings and maintaining households while their mothers work long hours--those girls, that is, not working similar jobs themselves.
Montasser Ibrahim, director of the Legal Programme at ADEW, said that it is quite hard to track down the exact number of khula cases handled by the association.
Founded in 1987, ADEW, a non-governmental organisation, aims to create suitable conditions for Egyptian women, especially female heads of households, at two levels: the societal and the personal.
For example, ADEW is calling for coordination among practitioners and the Social Fund for Development, a joint initiative between the Egyptian government and the United Nations Development Program, which designs development programs and provides funding for various development initiatives.
Local education authorities such as Cardiff, whose education chiefs have been raising the issue with WAG officials for months, are, according to the ADEW report, facing a shortfall of pounds 1.
Talks are taking place between the Assembly Government, the ADEW and the Welsh Local Government Association to discuss the possibility of an all-Wales agreement for LEAs to have the same term dates.
David Hopkins, vice-chairman of the ADEW, said, 'ADW would very much have liked to have got a pattern across Wales.
loading of the same into Railway Wagon/ Hoppers at Ballast Depot BAP in the section of ADEW Line, N WRIy, Bikaner
Over the last two years there have been arms-length discussions between the teaching uni-ons, representing the work-force, and ADEW to harmonise the holiday dates throughout Wales.