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ADFAutomatic Direction Finder/Finding
ADFAlliance Defense Fund
ADFAustralian Defence Force
ADFApplication Development Framework
ADFAcid Detergent Fiber
ADFAustralian Drug Foundation
ADFAmerican Dance Festival
ADFÁr Ndraíocht Féin (Our Own Druidism)
ADFAsian Dub Foundation
ADFA Druid Fellowship
ADFAfrican Development Fund
ADFAugmented Dickey-Fuller (economics)
ADFAfrican Development Forum
ADFAuto-Darkening Filter (glass)
ADFAdapter Description File
ADFAutomated Document Factory
ADFAfrican Development Foundation
ADFAllied Democratic Forces (Ugandan insurgents)
ADFAutomatic Document Feed(er)
ADFAssociation Dentaire Française (French Dental Association)
ADFAfrican dwarf frog
ADFAeroporto Di Firenze (Firenze, Italy)
ADFAmerica's Development Foundation
ADFApproved Deposit Fund (Australia)
ADFAlternative Display Facility (NASD)
ADFAverage Daily Flow
ADFAir Defense Force
ADFAutomotive Distribution Federation (UK)
ADFAir Defense Fighter
ADFAmiga Disk File
ADFAnnular Dark-Field
ADFArbeitsgemeinschaft Dermatologische Forschung (German Society of Experimental Dermatology)
ADFAdvance Disposal Fee (Florida)
ADFAccess Control Decision Function
ADFAirline Dispatchers Federation
ADFAlbanian Development Fund (Tirana, Albania)
ADFAutomatically Defined Function
ADFApplication Development Facility
ADFAmsterdam Density Functional package
ADFAuto da Fé (band)
ADFAstrophysics Data Facility
ADFApplication Descriptor File
ADFAvian Development Facility (space station scientific payload; part of the Space Station Biological Research Project)
ADFAerospace Data Facility (USAF)
ADFAirport Duty Free
ADFAsymptotic Distribution Free
ADFAustralian Doctors' Fund
ADFAverage Duration of Fades
ADFAncillary Data Flag
ADFAirborne Direction Finder
ADFAfter Deducting Freight
ADFAdvanced Distribution Frame (Telect Inc.)
ADFAdd-Drop Filter
ADFAmerican Dancewheels Foundation, Inc. (Bala Cynwyd, PA)
ADFAusbildungsdienst der Formation (Swiss Army)
ADFAnalyse, Développement, Formation (French: Analysis, Development, Training; software development company)
ADFApplication Dependent Format
ADFAirborne Direction-Finding
ADFAuxiliary Detonating Fuze
ADFAvionics Development Facility
ADFAdvisory File
ADFAmplitude Density Function (the probability density of surface height)
ADFAcademy of Dance on Film (Hollywood, California)
ADFArgentine Society of Cinematographers
ADFAmplify-Decode-and-Forward (protocol)
ADFAddress Decoder Fault
ADFAdditional Deposit Fund (insurance)
ADFAdministrator's Discretionary Fund
ADFAdvanced Development Facility
ADFAkuapem Development Foundation (Ghana)
ADFArmy Declassification Facility
ADFAlarm Distribution Frame (Sprint)
ADFArea Delimitation File
ADFAllocation and Distribution of Fires
ADFActivity Address File (claims)
ADFAlveolar Dead Space Fraction
ADFApply Directly to Forehead (band)
ADFAssociation Des Francophones (French: Association of French Speakers)
ADFA Diversified Family (est. 2000)
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Given Colchis' position of having identified and worked with several now well-established leaders at an early stage, we are naturally excited about what the future holds for ADF and the broader marketplace lending sector.
The ADF is employing a bogus religious freedom argument to shield a crude form of discrimination, bigotry and bias against LGBT Americans," said Americans United Legal Director Ayesha N.
The ADF Investigative Service is examining the incident but the ACT police are not involved as Air Marshal Binskin stressed that there were no victims in this incident unlike the 'Jedi Council' or 'Skype Affair', the report added.
ADF Mobile runs on Oracle's JDeveloper IDE (integrated developer environment), and any applications built with the framework will need to communicate through Oracle's WebLogic application server.
Write once and deploy to many: With Oracle ADF Mobile, developers can work on consistent cross-platform interfaces using familiar web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, while leveraging deep access to native device services such as the camera, GPS, contacts, etc.
The official said the move was aimed at making air travel affordable and ADF could be abolished if the prevailing funding gaps of MIAL and DIAL were met by equity infusion and proportionate raising of loans by the airport promoters, including the AAI.
The ADF continues to be a critical source of finance for badly needed economic and social infrastructure improvements,'' the statement added.
Finally, ADF will work with community-based organizations to help meet the economic and social needs of those at the lower end of the spectrum in the 17 African countries where the Foundation operates.
Deliveries of the vehicle to ADF are to commence in 2009.
government has not fully funded its replenishment contributions to international financial institutions on time, resulting in arrears to IDA and ADF totaling more than $400 million as of the end of fiscal year 2007.
His memories of that first summer at ADF in 1952 remain vivid despite the fact that more than half a century has passed since he struggled to learn modern dance technique at Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut.
The main objectives of the MDRI are twofold: (i) deepening debt relief to HIPCs by providing 100 percent cancellation of eligible debt owed to ADF, IDA, and IMF for 42 low-income countries worldwide, including 33 eligible regional member countries (RMCs) that reach the completion point; and (ii) compensating ADF and IDA for the debt cancellation in order to preserve the long-term financing capacity of both institutions.