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ADFAAustralian Defence Force Academy
ADFAAssociação dos Deficientes das Forças Armadas (Portugal)
ADFAArkansas Development Finance Authority (Arkansas)
ADFAArkansas Department of Finance and Administration (est. 1971)
ADFAAustralian Dried Fruits Association
ADFAAssociate Director for Finance and Administration (various organizations)
ADFAAncaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Aldershot (Canada)
ADFAAir Defense Functional Area
ADFAAustralian Dairy Farmers Association
ADFAAnnual Dairy Farm Analysis
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asked a stunned Elizabeth Robben Murray, attorney with Friday Eldredge & Clark representing the ADFA.
ADFA s head, Bruce Kafer, was stood aside and Defence Minister Stephen Smith appointed a human rights commissioner to review the treatment of women at the college, also flagging greater frontline roles for females.
Based on the aforementioned ADFA rationale for explaining the relevance of Political Sciences to prospective students, it could (likewise) be said of young South African officers that it would be extremely beneficial for them to understand, and be able to explain to their fellow officers and troops, the foreign policy objectives of South Africa and the political rationale for various operations.
The course that I am using as my yardstick is a core second-year course in the major in Information Systems (IS) offered by the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at ADFA.
Most ADFA students tend to be from English-speaking backgrounds, and one of the overseas officer cadets had great difficulty with the history of thought component.
Bill sat in the Governor's mansion in Little Rock, ultimate arbiter of the pools of money that could be dispensed by ADFA in the form of long-term loans financed through the sale of tax-exempt bonds.
Funds are typically disbursed to borrowers to pay eligible CWSRF or DWSRF project costs or to reimburse ADFA for projects previously funded.
Contract award notice: ea adfa a eetse pt tafa a t t 2017.
In my opinion as you may know ADFA and the other Entities (AEDC and ACC) have in effect veto power over what comes next because of their 'Special Limited Partner' status or position of creditor and the size of their financial interest," McHenry wrote.
Other beneficiaries include Joseph Yeomans from Adfa, near Newtown, who will use the money to fund work placements in France and Switzerland.
Fayyaz was arrested in August last year and charged with committing an act of indecency in the presence of the woman after she discovered his mobile phone in a shower vent at ADFA.
Broadband provider eXwavia, which uses wireless technology to provide broadband has connected nearly 80 properties in Cefn Coch and Adfa, near Welshpool.