ADFEAssociation Démocratique des Français à l’Étranger
ADFEAdaptive Decision Feedback Equalization
ADFEAutomatic Digital Feedback Elimination (electronics)
ADFEAdvanced Diploma in Finance and Economics (University of South Queensland; Australia)
ADFEAcademy for Dental Facial Esthetics (New York, NY)
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Soil aggregates that were retained in the 4.00-mm mesh sieve were air-dried, disaggregated, and sieved in a 2.00-mm mesh sieve to obtain the ADFE from the aggregates (8.00mm > [empty set] [greater than or equal to] 2.0mm), which was used to determine the C, N, and granulometric fractions of organic matter in the aggregates.
After preparing the samples and obtaining the ADFE, the values of electrical conductivity (EC) and pH in water and the contents of [Na.sup.+] and [K.sup.+] were determined (Silva, 2009).
Physical characterization (Table 2) consisted of granulometric analysis and clay dispersed in water in the ADFE through the hydrometer method, calculating the indices of clay dispersion and flocculation, soil density through the cylinder method and particle density through the volumetric flask method (EMBRAPA, 1997).
For soil chemical characterization, the air-dried fine earth (ADFE) was analyzed for the exchangeable cations [Ca.sup.2+], [Mg.sup.2+], [Na.sup.+] and [K.sup.+] (Thomas, 1982).
Soil chemical characterization (Table 1) was performed using air-dried fine earth (ADFE), which was evaluated for [pH.sub.H2O] using the soil:water ratio of 1:2.5 and the exchangeable cations [Ca.sup.2+], [Mg.sup.2+], [Na.sup.+] and [K.sup.+], extracted with 1 mol [L.sup.-1] ammonium acetate (Thomas, 1982).
Soil chemical characterization, using air-dried fine earth (ADFE), was performed through the determination of exchangeable cations ([Ca.sup.2+], [Mg.sup.2+], [Na.sup.+] and [K.sup.+]) (Thomas, 1982); saturation extract was obtained through the preparation of saturation paste (Richards, 1954), when electrical conductivity, soluble bases and the chloride ion were determined (EMBRAPA, 1997).
For soil chemical characterization (Table 1), the following parameters were determined in air-dried fine earth (ADFE): [pH.sub.H20] in the proportion of 1:2.5 (soil:water) and the exchangeable cations [Ca.sup.2+], [Mg.sup.2+], [Na.sup.+] and [K.sup.+], extracted using 1 M ammonium acetate (Thomas, 1982).