ADFECAbu Dhabi Future Energy Company
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The approach that led to the winning design considered a systemic evaluation of the whole building structure and systems, environmental context, and economic objectives for ADFEC by a cross-disciplinary integrated design team.
As of 2007, ADFEC has been conducting feasibility studies
The chief executive of ADFEC, Sultan Ahmad Al Jaber, commented: "We want the Masdar Research Network to act as the catalyst for fusing research and innovation from the best research groups around the world, whether in academia or corporations, enabling creative technology breakthroughs at a faster pace than is possible through traditional funding routes.
ADFEC is also hoping to attract research-and-development-focused companies to Masdar in an effort to make Abu Dhabi the region's capital for green technologies.
The agreement marks an important milestone for ADFEC in advancing the Masdar initiative, launched the government of Abu Dhabi's development programme to promote clean energy and sustainability.
The fund is co-managed by CS, CBG & ADFEC, and leverages Abu Dhabi's larger alternative energy initiative, known as the "Masdar Initiative," that was launched in March 2006.
For ADFEC, the mandate is clear: development and commercialisation of advanced and innovative technologies in renewable energy, energy efficiency and the management of carbon resources and its monetisation for industries to be set up in the emirate.