ADFHAbu Dhabi Falcon Hospital (United Arab Emirates)
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Dr Margit Muller, Director of ADFH said that the facility is the largest falcon hospital in the world, providing comprehensive veterinary care to raptors and all other birds.
In recent years, the ADFH has emerged as one of the most reputed falcon hospitals in the Gulf region and is now considered the largest falcon hospital in the world and a leading centre for falcon medicine," she added.
Dr Muller added that in 2010, the ADFH won three international awards from Spain, Germany and USA for it's tourism programme, quality commitment, excellence, and management merits for marketing.
The ADFH will also promote at the Adihex this year all its falcon services, which includes preventing check ups, all kinds of treatments and surgeries, moulting cages and, more recently, falcon breeding.
The ADFH also specialises in repairing broken wings and feathers.
Following awareness programmes among falconers routine examinations are widely practised, yet another achievement for ADFH.
This award is another outstanding achievement," said Dr Margit Muller, the director of ADFH.
Since the ADFH launched its tourism programme in 2007, the demand to visit the hospital has increased sharply.
The process of sample collection was carried out by two expert professors of University of Cardiff from UK's International Wildlife Consultants on ADFH premises, which is a state-of-the-art facility receiving falcons for treatment from across the GCC region.
In a statement, EAD explained: "Now that blood samples have been collected from specially selected male specimens of the Peregrine and Saker falcons by ADFH, their DNA will be sequenced at the BGI (formerly known as the Beijing Genetics Institute) in Shenzen, China, an internationally renowned centre which recently produced whole genome sequences for the Giant Panda and the Camel.
The ADFH laboratory also works as the Avian Influenza Reference Laboratory for the Emirate and other lab services to external customers.
Dr Margit Muller, Director of ADFH who accompanied the journalists on tour, said ADFH, is the first public falcon hospital in the United Arab Emirates.