ADFHAbu Dhabi Falcon Hospital (United Arab Emirates)
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The exception to this would be ADFH so severe that no normal LDL receptors were available to be increased by the binding of PCSK9.
Availability of such PCSK9 antibody therapy could make a major difference for Omani ADFH patients and many other ADFH patients as described in the article of Al-Waili et al.
In the off-season, it rests and maybe pops to the ADFH for a quick check-up, a falcon 'manicure' or a staycation at the falcon hotel - complete with air-conditioned chill-out areas and falcon 'swimming' pools.
Dr Margit Muller, Director of ADFH said that the facility is the largest falcon hospital in the world, providing comprehensive veterinary care to raptors and all other birds.
In recent years, the ADFH has emerged as one of the most reputed falcon hospitals in the Gulf region and is now considered the largest falcon hospital in the world and a leading centre for falcon medicine," she added.
However, in the absence of mutations in the known genes associated with ADFH, possibility cannot be ruled out that this mutation compounded with a mutation present in another loc(i)us (for which the cognate gene(s) remain undiscovered) adversely affect the total cholesterol and LDLC.
In summary, this is the first report of a mutation in the PCSK9 gene discovered in Omani Arab ADFH subjects.
The ADFH will also promote at the Adihex this year all its falcon services, which includes preventing check ups, all kinds of treatments and surgeries, moulting cages and, more recently, falcon breeding.
The ADFH also specialises in repairing broken wings and feathers.
This award is another outstanding achievement," said Dr Margit Muller, the director of ADFH.
Talking to Khaleej Times on the project, ADFH Director Margrit Muller said: "This project will help us determine and identify the genetic sequences of these two particular species of bird -- Peregrine and Saker falcons- that are commonly found in the UAE and the region.
Majid Al Mansouri, EAD's Secretary General, said ADFH is a largest falcon hospital in the world, providing comprehensive veterinary care to falcons, other species of raptors and all other birds as a self sustaining entity.