ADFIAverage Daily Feed Intake
ADFIArizona Department of Financial Institutions
ADFIAssociation for the Defense of the Family and the Individual (France)
ADFIAir Defense Forces Institute (Saudi Arabia)
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In the present study, the PR treatment had the lower ADG and ADFI indicated that supplementing four essential AA (lysing, methionine, threonine, and tryptophan) in low protein diet was insufficient to maintain growth of weaned pig.
ADFI works with industry feed and feed ingredient companies to evaluate new products and programs destined for the dairy industry.
The ADFI says that its investigation followed proper procedures, and its findings are publicly available.
ADFI chairman Wiebe Dykstra said: "Although ADFI is considered a research leader within the Canadian dairy industry, the current facility is outdated and limits the expansion of ADFI's research.
Data for body weight, ADFI, ADG, and feed efficiency were tested to determine normal distribution by Kolmogorov-Smirnov test.
I would not want to blame anyone; ADFI will have the say, nevertheless this company should have been removed from the bidders' list.
They also reported that the ADFI was decreased with increasing NE concentrations in diets.
Dobrev, however, explained that he would ask ADFI for a new audit in order to "clear all suspicions around this loan," and appealed to Dimitrov to do the same.
Bulgaria's Files Commission, a special panel investigating the Communist regime secret files, announces Wednesday the results of its probe at the Public Financial Inspection Agency, ADFI.
Mean differences in BW, ADG, ADFI and feed efficiency of the birds fed the SBM-based diet were not different from those fed the dehulled-micronized faba bean meal diet.
However, considering there were no statistical differences on ADFI in our results, we could explain that the tendency of poorer BCS in group housed gilts (p = 0.
In the present experiment, however, the PKE did not negatively affect ADFI and BW and backfat depth changes of sows compared with CON.