ADFIAPAssociation of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (banking institutions)
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The ADFIAP Development Awards recognize and honor member-banks which have undertaken and/or assisted projects that have created a development impact in their respective countries.
Eoe1/4EoCommitting to its objective of being leading institutions in the sustainable development space, especially in times of crises, ADFIAP and its members strive to continue to enhance their sustainable investment portfolio, as well as explore other related business opportunities, particularly to support the following sectors: micro, small and medium enterprises, agriculture, housing and infrastructure, water and sanitation, health, education, environment and climate change, appropriate technology, trade logistics, and others.
The declaration said, Eoe1/4EoMitigating the impact of the global crisis on their institutions as well as preparing beyond it, ADFIAP and its members aim to strengthen their operational efficiency in terms of risk management, loan restructuring and non-performing loans management, capital adequacy, liability management as well as training and retooling their human capital and making full use of appropriate and effective information technology.
Member bank clients will be offered electronic financial toolur A-Net project for ADFIAP.
Makatibased ADFIAP, as its name implies, is an organization of development financing institutions like DBP with 120 development banks in 42 countries and territories as members.
With ADFIAP as the network's incubator, Peralta acts as the founding chair of PCAAE.
Orlando Pena, secretary general of ADFIAP said, "This is a welcome development which is a step forward to eventually having a global card facility for the use of ADFIAP member banks and their clients in 33 countries of the region.
Negotiations are under way with the card giants VISA International and MasterCard International to see if we can work together towards bringing these much needed services to our community of bank members in ADFIAP.
ADFIAP also recognized DBP's 2012 Sustainability Report titled "The Colors of Development" as the Best Sustainability Report among its member-institutions.
ADFIAP is an organization of development banks and other financial institutions engaged in the financing of development in the Asia-Pacific region.
ADFIAP has 79 member banks with over 1,000 branches that service an estimated 5.
The Global Data Interchange Network is an electronic network intended to span over 33 Asia Pacific countries and will allow secure Electronic Commerce and Electronic Banking transactions via A-Net and the Internet for all ADFIAP member banks and customers.