ADFLAssociation of Departments of Foreign Languages (est. 1969)
ADFLAlliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo-Zaire (1996-1997)
ADFLAntiques Dealers Fair Limited (trade show organizer; UK)
ADFLAssociation for the Defense of the French Language
ADFLArtbeats Digital Film Library
ADFLAsia Diversified Fund Limited (Olympus Funds)
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He was the man who recruited the "kadogos" such as Rachidi into the ADFL in 1996.
Andre Kisase Ngandu was another important figure in the ADFL.
The people who were really in charge of the ADFL's military operations were Ugandans and Rwandans, and since Joseph was promoted Major General by his father on account of the ADFL victory over Mobutu, it can safely be said that he owes his pegs to the "enemies" he now faces across the border.
Despite this, some had optimistic hopes when Kabila's ADFL forces took Kinshasa in a relatively "soft landing" in May of this year.
Equally critical was that it saved Mr Kabila's ADFL having to fight through a thousand miles of almost impenetrable jungle.
The top eight men's teams and the top four women's teams of the ADFL will qualify for the UAE National Amateur Football Championships to be played at The Dome@Rawdhat, Abu Dhabi on May 6, 7, 13 and 14.
At the time of writing ADFL troops were reported in Mambassa, 160km west from Bunia, making advances from the town of Kamituga, 140km west of Bukavu, which they captured earlier in December More poignant, however, they have also established control over Zaire's main gold reserves.
Clearly, the ADFL plans to use the mineral resources to finance the war but, without any expertise, its teams of artesanal miners can only expect to exploit alluvial deposits.
The ADFL is the official amateur football league for Abu Dhabi and is sanctioned by the UAE Football Association.
Sanctioned by the UAE Football Association and organised by Reem Investments and Mediapro Middle East, the ADFL is expected to become an ideal competition platform for local talents.