ADFPAssociation of Divorce Financial Planners (various locations)
ADFPAustralian Defence Force Publication
ADFPAdvanced Diploma in Film Production (School of Film and Media Studies; Ngee Ann Polytechnic; Singapore)
ADFPApplication Development Framework Platform (Oracle)
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Med shot, ADFP employee helps ladies learn basket weaving
In addition, the immunohistochemistry demonstrated that ADFP was found in the majority of RCC cells, located in the cytoplasm surrounding lipid droplets that are a biomarker for clear cell carcinoma.
These reseults vaidate prior studies that ADFP could be a biomarker for diagnosis, prognosis or response to treatment, the research team said.
Further testing will be required to determine whether people with other types of kidney disease also have high levels of APQ1 and ADFP in their urine.
More research is needed to see how early in the disease process levels of AQP1 or ADFP proteins rise and whether the concentration of these proteins in the urine correspond to the size of a kidney tumor.
Both are required to renew their ADFP memberships yearly and, in addition, they are not permitted to attend any ADFP event within a year of May 11, 2009.
But an ADFP spokesman said it did not want to punish youngsters who attend classes run by the two teachers.
1, AMECEA Secretariat Correspondence (misfiled), ADFP.
4) ADFP 15, Operations in a Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Environment.