ADFRArson Detection for the First Responder (fire academy course)
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DRS Leonardo is pleased to supply its ADFR technology to L3 and Airbus, said Martin Munro, Vice President and General Manager for its Canadian manufacturing facility, The incorporation of a deployable recording system supports recent ICAO requirements to aid in the identification and location of a downed-aircraft while enabling the rapid recovery of flight recorder data.
The deployable ADFR will be installed in the rear of the fuselage, while a fixed CVDR will be installed near the front of the aircraft thus greatly increasing the redundancy for both voice and flight data recovery, compared with todays systems.
ADFR is a unique system which releases the integrated flight recorder / locator beacon from an aircraft at the onset of a crash and provides improved recoverability over the more traditional 'black box' flight recorder which is, instead designed to survive an impact but remains on board the aircraft.
The improved survivability of an ADFR brought it into many discussions surrounding the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370) in 2014 and the subsequent search for the flight recorder.