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ADFSActive Directory Federation Services (IBM & Microsoft)
ADFSActive Directory Federation Services
ADFSActive Disk File System
ADFSAdvanced File System
ADFSApple Dos File System
ADFSAdvanced Disc Filing System
ADFSAlabama Department of Forensic Science
ADFSAutomated Digital Facsimile System
ADFSAmerican Dentists for Foreign Service (Brooklyn, NY)
ADFSAutomated Digital Facsimile Subsystem
ADFSAlternative Delivery and Financing System
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When businesses implement ADFS to establish single sign-on access to IT resources across corporate boundaries, they often face a trade-off between seamless user experience and administrative overhead.
In ADFS, due to requirement of precise control or alignment of timing signals, the TDC is a fundamental block.
The ADFS includes multiple phases in which Musanada will be responsible of its construction, completion and maintenance.
Yasin joined ADFS from CapM Investment, where he served as its chief investment officer and board member.
Corporate partners and suppliers can log in using ADFS, SAML and Oauth.
Summary: Abu Dhabi Financial Services, or ADFS, the fully-owned brokerage subsidiary of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, or NBAD, has appointed Mohammed Ali Yasin, a well-recognised capital markets specialist, as its managing director.
ADFS witnessed significant increase in volumes and investor interest.
Aymen Samawi, managing director at ADFS, said: 'Our regional reach and position as the leading Abu Dhabi broker is dependent on providing exceptional client service in the UAE and the Mena region.
This typically uses SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) or ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services).
Membership in Nasdaq Dubai allows ADFS clients to trade securities on the region's international exchange.