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ADFSActive Directory Federation Services (IBM & Microsoft)
ADFSApple Dos File System
ADFSAdvanced File System
ADFSActive Disk File System
ADFSActive Directory Federation Services
ADFSAdvanced Disc Filing System
ADFSAlabama Department of Forensic Science
ADFSAmerican Dentists for Foreign Service (Brooklyn, NY)
ADFSAutomated Digital Facsimile System
ADFSAutomated Digital Facsimile Subsystem
ADFSAlternative Delivery and Financing System
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In 1991 the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) began an aircraft deicing fluid (ADF) recovery program that combines a fast response time with maximum flexibility, and the technical expertise of a contract operator.
Accumulations of ice and snow are typically removed using a heated mixture of Type I aircraft deicing fluid (ADF) and hot water applied under pressure.
We commend the African Development Bank Group for its support to the regions development projects, as it is engaged in the process of the African Development Fund (ADF) replenishment and the General Capital Increase, said President Issoufou.
(It also can be hard to find an airplane with a working ADF.) Same with a basic VOR or VOR/DME approach.
"I joined ADFS because of NBAD's aspirations to become the world's best Arab bank in the near future, and in turn grow ADFS to become the prime financial services company in the Arab world," Yasin said.
ADFS witnessed significant increase in volumes and investor interest.
Aymen Samawi, managing director at ADFS, said: 'Our regional reach and position as the leading Abu Dhabi broker is dependent on providing exceptional client service in the UAE and the Mena region.'
It is hoped that the development of abuse deterrent formulations (ADFs) will decrease levels of abuse of prescription opioid medications.
Dubai The UAE-based broker Abu Dhabi Financial Services (ADFS), the financial brokerage arm of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), has joined Nasdaq Dubai.
AbdulRaheem said.Aymen Samawi, the Managing Director of Abu Dhabi Financial Services (ADFS), received the award on behalf of NBAD.
Many still have ADFs. Clearly, some Archers have gone through extensive upgrade cycles but if owners lavish big bucks on these airframes, they probably tend to keep them and not flip them into the used market.