ADFSCAbu Dhabi Farmers' Services Centre (United Arab Emirates)
ADFSCAutomatic Data Field Systems Command
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ADFSC will supply a range of produce including tomatoes, capsicum and cucumbers and Elite Agro will ensure this reaches key retailers and consumers.
We aim at providing theoretical and practical programmes for farmers to encourage them to switch from traditional to organic agriculture, through workshops, lectures and some support programmes, such as paying organic certification fees on their behalf, obtaining organic certification from the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology [Esma], in addition to providing the requirements of organic agriculture at competitive prices through the centres selling agricultural inputs of the centre," Nasser Mohammad Al Junaibi, acting CEO of the ADFSC, said.
Alaa Joma, director, ADFSC technical service division said: "Pruning prevents pests from entering the base and stem of the date palm trees.
In addition, ADFSC offers farmers a "minimum price guarantee" (MPG) to protect them from price fluctuations in the market and securing a minimum guaranteed income.
ADFSC has provided livestock yards for its members and livestock breeders for a symbolic fee.
Our aim is to support livestock breeders in the emirate and give them the opportunity to sell their products to customers directly, especially on occasions when demand for meat increases, such as Ramadan and Eid Al Adha" said Ahmed Al Suwaidi, ADFSC communications manager.
Results of the survey will help ADFSC and Local Harvest better market products to consumers in the UAE.
Now that the F&B sector is waking up to what is produced locally here, we hope the business relationship between local farmers through the ADFSC and our hospitality professionals can strengthen," said TCA Abu Dhabi hospitality and attractions unit head Reem Al Mahri.
By bringing supplier and buyer together, we can help the emirate's f&b sector deliver the freshest of product - from farm to table - to their guests and heighten the tourism industry's quality delivery," said Mansoor Mohammad Al Ali, special contracts unit head, ADFSC.
eIuTCA organised the meeting to ensure that local hospitality professionals are aware of the range, and outstanding quality, of the produce that ADFSC can supply,eIN explained Mansoor Mohammed Al Ali, Special Contracts Unit Head, ADFSC.
The firm has strict guidelines defining quality and ADFSC has worked closely with farmers to increase quality levels to meet and exceed these guidelines.
ADFSC technical services works to improve farming practices, resulting in higher production levels and better quality crops, whilst conserving the country's environment.