ADGEAutoCAD (Computer Aided Design) Developers Group Europe
ADGEAmplified Differential Gene Expression (gene profiling technique)
ADGEAir Defense Ground Environment
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Completion of the merger is subject to certain conditions, including approval by the stockholders of TGEN and ADGE, and other customary closing conditions.
The Ministry of Civil Aviation, the company Iberia, the TOTAL Society, ASECNA, ADGE, SECURIPORT and some government officials and the administration have been summoned by the Prime Minister, in charge of Administrative Coordination , Francisco Pascual Obama Asue, on the morning of December 19 to analyze the letter sent by Iberia to the Ministry of the sector, in which he announces the decision to permanently suspend his flights to Equatorial Guinea due to its low profitability and economic losses.
adges etc, produced in Sialkot were exported to all parts of the globe.
PKHY staff, volunteers and the Crannog crew will work under the guidance of woodworking specialist Damian Goodburn to transform the log from a mere trunk to finished the craft using replica Bronze Age axes, adges and chisels.
The position of the part on the table and the settle of a sistem of coordinates for the know as 'part zero' in one of the adges of the part.