ADGIAthens Development and Governance Institute (est. 1992; Greece)
ADGIAmerican Diversified Group, Incorporated
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There will be a share for share exchange for all ADGI shareholders and stockbrokers will receive instructions for exchanging share certificates.
In making the announcement, ADGI management noted that NASD had not alleged any wrongdoing on the part of the company or its management.
The array of products offered by ADGI includes the full line of personal care appliances and kitchen electrics.
This relationship will prove to be very advantageous to ADGI from several standpoints, key of which will be substantial continuing revenues with significant profit margins that will provide financial fuel for acquisitions.
ADGI also has a licensing agreement with Procter and Gamble for producing and distributing personal hair care appliances and accessories under the Physique(R) brand name.
Timothy Huff, CEO of ADGI, states, "We believe this report gives investors, brokers and the public an overview of the telecom industry and how our present positioning and planning fits into the future of telecom and provides ADGI and its local partners with many opportunities and advantages.
Huff, CEO of ADGI states, "We are very happy to have Marc Fitzhugh join us.
They recognize the significant and timely opportunity that ADGI represents.
This is another part of our communications strategy to inform the public about ADGI - it is now time for us to tell `The ADGI Story.
ADGI has agreed to acquire Capital Fulfillment Group, a direct marketing and investor relations group.
We all look forward to 2002 being a very successful year for ADGI.
Kostro, recently appointed Chairman and Chief Executive officer of ADGI, highlighted that the net income for the first quarter substantially exceeded net income for the entire year 2001 and that the revenues were on target with the company's conservative goal of $12 million for the year 2002.