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TAM 94L-25 and TAM94M-14 also exhibited a more sustained ADGR through 31 DPA than all other genotypes which tended to fluctuate in SADGR.
Abbreviations: ADGR, average daily growth rate; AF1S, advanced fiber information system; DPA, day(s) postanthesis; FADGR, final average daily growth rate; FLDP, fiber length development period; HVI, high volume instrument; [L.sub.W], length by weight; SADGR, segmented average daily growth rate; TAES, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station; UHM, upper half mean.
Mean squares for average daily growth rate (ADGR) at specific days postanthesis (DPA) and final ADGR of seven cotton genotypes grown at College Station, TX, in 1998 and 1999.