ADGSAsymmetric Defected Ground Structure (circuits)
ADGSAlcohol, Drug and Gambling Services (Ontario, Canada)
ADGSAutomated Document Generation System
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In the 77kg weight class, ADGS Moscow champion Diego Ramalho will be back to defend his title.
Salvino Salvaggio, Senior Director, Implementation and RDI Office Management, formalized the award with ADGS President, Hassan Al Ansari, and General Manager, Christophe Billiottet.
According to a spokesman, the four committees, constituted by LDA director general under the command of ADGs, include estimation committee, grievance redress committee, quality control committee and procurement committee.
ADGS -- a beneficiary of QSTP's Product Development Fund that provides funding for small and medium enterprises and startups developing products and services relevant to local market needs -- sells a suite of products that use artificial intelligence, behavioural biometrics, and emergent behaviour.
The health status and health behavior variables included a dummy variable for poor self-reported health obtained from the CCHS and a categorical variable for the number of ADGs assigned to each patient.
To compare whether the added value of smoking and obesity data varied by the measure of comorbidity used, we evaluated two measures that were available in our administrative databases, namely the John's Hopkins Aggregated Diagnostic Groups (ADG) score and the Charlson score.
The count of Johns Hopkins Aggregated Diagnosis Groups (the ADG score) during the 12 months prior to the date of colonoscopy was tabulated from diagnosis codes contained in the CIHI and OHIP databases for each patient [7-9]; a higher score reflects a higher burden of comorbidity [8].
Domestic Resource Mobilisation will finance the bulk of the ADGs and SDGs.
Abbreviations ICD-9-MC: International classification of diseases ATC: Anatomical therapeutic chemical classification system ACGs: Adjusted clinical groups DRGs: Diagnosis related groups ADGs: Aggregated diagnosis groups.
22 October 2013 -- Hong Kong-based accounting firm ADGS Advisory Inc (OTCQB: ADGS) said that it has acquired Hong-Kong based accounting services and business consulting firm TH Strategic Management Ltd.
Considering productivity at the group level, on average JPGs published the most articles in the most journals and garnered the highest number of citations, followed by ADGs, SWIEGs, and SWLIDGs respectively.