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ADH1Alcohol Dehydrogenase 1
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We have previously reported the following: (a) nucleic acids extracted from nail clippings may be a suitable material for DNA analysis by PCR in a population study; (b) specific amplification of the ADH2 gene was carried out without simultaneous amplification of ADH1 and ADH3; and (c) ADH2 genotyping in fingernails can be achieved by PCR coupled with restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) analysis (11).
b) HCD K03249 CYP4A1 X07259 3KCTA+8 M32801, J02749 Estradiol 17-[beta] dehydrogenase 3 AF035156 ACOX J02752 CYP17 M21208 ADH1 M23995 Pololike serine threonine protein kinase U10188 GSK (U.
Class I enzymes (a, [beta], and [gamma]) form homodimeric and heterodimeric isoenzymes, the subunits of which are encoded by the ADH1, ADH2, and ADH3 genes, respectively, and play an important role in the metabolism of ingested ethanol.