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ADH1Alcohol Dehydrogenase 1
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The ADH1 C*1 allele varies substantially across different populations.
In certain regions of the adult rat, mouse, and human brain it has been possible to identify ADH mRNA transcripts, with ADH1 and ADH4 expressed at distinct sites [87, 88], yet with no detectable activity after exposure to ethanol.
SCYOR267C, C5, C11, SC8132X, ADH1, ADH3, ADH4 and ADH7primers, For all loci, 20il reaction mixture containing genomic DNA concentration of 25 ng/ml, primer concentration of 10 pM/il and dNTPs 2.
Caption: Gel profile of yeast isolates generated using ADH1 primer Lane 1: YFN, 2: YMO, 3: YMM, 4: YYPO, 5: YGP, 6: YSJ, 7: YPA, 8: YWM, 9: YAP, 10: YBA, L-Ladder.
b) HCD K03249 CYP4A1 X07259 3KCTA+8 M32801, J02749 Estradiol 17-[beta] dehydrogenase 3 AF035156 ACOX J02752 CYP17 M21208 ADH1 M23995 Pololike serine threonine protein kinase U10188 GSK (U.
Class I enzymes (a, [beta], and [gamma]) form homodimeric and heterodimeric isoenzymes, the subunits of which are encoded by the ADH1, ADH2, and ADH3 genes, respectively, and play an important role in the metabolism of ingested ethanol.
Acetylation of H3K9 also is associated with increased ADH1 expression in cultured rat hepatocytes treated with 100 mM ethanol for 24 hours, suggesting that ethanol (and its metabolites) may amplify ethanol metabolism (Park et al.
Furthermore, polymorphisms exist for several of the genes encoding ADH enzymes, the best known of which occur in the genes encoding ADH1.
ADH1, ADH2, ADH3, ADH4, ADH6, ADH5, ADH7 and ADH8 primers, Saccharomyces sppstrains used on wine production identifying variations at DNA level among the yeasts (Raton, 2004).
ADH1C also has cSNPs, of which ADH1 C*1 and ADH1 C*2 are the most studied.