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ADH5alcohol dehydrogenase 5 gene
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ADH5 is a cocktail of immunohistochemical markers that includes CK8/18-pink, CK5/14-brown, and p63-brown (hematoxylin-eosin, original magnifications x40 [A], X200 [B], x100 [E], and x400 [G]; CK5, original magnifications X200 [C] and x100 [F]; p63, original magnification X200 [D]; ADH5, original magnification x400 [H]).
Table 1 Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ADH) Genes and Proteins Official Gene Nonstandard Name* Old Name ([dagger]) Name ([double dagger]) ADH1A ADH1 ADH1A ADH1B ADH2 ADH1B ADH1C ADH3 ADH1C ADH4 ADH4 ADH2 ADH5 ADH5 ADH3 ADH6 ADH6 ADH5 ADH7 ADH7 ADH4 Official Gene Name* Sequence ([section]) Protein Class ([paragraph]) ADH1A NM_000667 [alpha] I ADH1B NM_000668 [beta] I ADH1C NM_000669 [gamma] I ADH4 NM_000670 [pi] II ADH5 NM_000671 [chi] III ADH6 NM_000672 ADH6 V ADH7 NM_000673 [sigma] IV *Gene symbol approved by the Human Genome Organization (HUGO) Gene Nomenclature Committee (www.
Class III contains ADH5, which is made up of two [chi] subunits.
Likewise, variants in ADH4 and ADH5 sporadically have been linked to alcoholism.