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ADH5alcohol dehydrogenase 5 gene
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Table 1 Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ADH) Genes and Proteins Official Gene Nonstandard Name* Old Name ([dagger]) Name ([double dagger]) ADH1A ADH1 ADH1A ADH1B ADH2 ADH1B ADH1C ADH3 ADH1C ADH4 ADH4 ADH2 ADH5 ADH5 ADH3 ADH6 ADH6 ADH5 ADH7 ADH7 ADH4 Official Gene Name* Sequence ([section]) Protein Class ([paragraph]) ADH1A NM_000667 [alpha] I ADH1B NM_000668 [beta] I ADH1C NM_000669 [gamma] I ADH4 NM_000670 [pi] II ADH5 NM_000671 [chi] III ADH6 NM_000672 ADH6 V ADH7 NM_000673 [sigma] IV *Gene symbol approved by the Human Genome Organization (HUGO) Gene Nomenclature Committee (www.
For example, several studies found other variations in and near the ADH1B gene, as well as in or near the ADH4, ADH1C, ADH5, ADH6, and ADH7 genes that affect risk for alcoholism or the level of alcohol consumption (see the article by Hurley and Edenberg, pp.
0 20 III ADH5 ADH5 [chi] >1,000 100 IV ADH7 ADH7 [sigma]([mu]) 30.