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ADHARAssociation for Development and Health Action in Rural Areas (Orissa, India)
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In his mother's room, Adhar finally comes to terms with her absence.
We are not happy doing this, but we have suspended Ram Adhar for 15 days and asked him to explain his conduct,' DDCA sports secretary Sunil Dev said.
According to a Central Bureau of Investigation, Ram Adhar confessed that he received about pounds 760 to prepare a result-oriented pitch for the 1996 India-Australia match in Delhi.
From left to right: Aida Greenbury, Managing Director of Asia Pulp & Paper; Abbas Adhar, of Apkindo (The Indonesia Wood Panel Association); Zulkifli Hasan, Minister of Forestry, Government of Indonesia; Benny Soetrisno-Chairman of GPEI (The Indonesian Exporters Association); Sudrajat DP, of Masyarakat Perkayuan Indonesia (The Indonesian Wood Community); Sri Oetomo, of ISWA (The Indonesia Saw Mill & Wood Working Association); Nana Suparna, of APHI (Association of Indonesia Forest Concession Holder).
Many stylistas made their way to Hotel Lodi in New Delhi on Saturday to attend the festive trunk show by Pink Post- It, a brand created by young girls Sharnamli Mehra Adhar and Mitali Wadhwa.
The commissioner named the seven victims of the 5 September attack as Yach Chol Tach, Chol Aguek Chol, Kuac Ngor Deng, Barac Kom Macham, Adhar Yak Mariak, Chol Deng and Malek.
Deputy chairman of the association of wood panel companies (Apkindo) Abbas Adhar blamed the government policy of reducing logging quota for the poor performance of the plywood industry.