ADHDTAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Test
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After the completion of the treatment sessions, the child was assessed again with ADHDT test and HFD to evaluate the any reduction in impulsive behaviors or inattention as well as for developmental indicators level.
Typically Children developing with ADHD children Variable M SD M SD t CA 90.8 9.1 87.8 7.7 .83 Nonverbal IQ 98.2 13.9 105.1 13.1 -1.2 ADHDT teacher rating 100.6 6.4 62.1 7.0 13.3(*) ADHDT parent rating 101.1 10.7 63.8 5.6 10.2(*) Note.
Measures used for selecting participants included the ADHDT, Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale (Thorndike, Hage, & Sattler, 1986), and Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Third Edition (WISC-III, Wechsler, 1991).
The ADHDT is a standardized, norm-referenced behavior checklist used to identify persons ages 3 to 23 who have ADHD.