ADHEArkansas Department of Higher Education
ADHEBifunctional Aldehyde/Alcohol Dehydrogenase (biology)
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Additionally, supporting materials such as transcripts and other required documentation must be received by ADHE no later than June 15.
Lumina is advising the ADHE on reworking best practices from other states to fit Arkansas' needs.
The search committee met July 26 and interviewed three candidates for the ADHE director position: Markham, vice chancellor for academic services at Cossatot Community College; MacGregor Stephenson, former deputy chief of staff to former Texas Gov.
The programs were developed after the university received two planning grants in October from the ADHE.
Caption: Powell said his position with the ADHE allowed him to learn more about colleges and universities throughout the state.
ADHE staff collected information from a variety of sources.
ADHE, according to its own website, is "the administrative staff for the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board," and a coordinating board is qualitatively different from other state boards that have much greater power to regulate.
This week's lists separately rank the state's four-year universities and two-year colleges, by total enrollment in the fall of 2014 as reported by ADHE.
But Shane Broadway, ADHE director, does not expect significant changes.
Shane Broadway, ADHE director, said final enrollment numbers won't be available until the semester's end.
Not because I'm editor of Arkansas Business, although that's probably why the folks at ADHE noticed some of my tweets on the subject.
One thing that has changed, according to ADHE data, is the way the lottery scholarships are spent.