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ADHEREAcute Decompensated Heart Failure National Registry (database)
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No; though I have neither logic nor wealth of words, yet in a case where my opinion really differed from yours, I would adhere to it when I had not another word to say in its defence; you should be baffled by dumb determination.
All this was confirmed by Jotham, who was observed to adhere closely to the story of the magistrate.
They wear the Brahminical thread; they adhere to every claim of Hindu caste-law.
Cyrus Bourne was sufficiently skilled in the travel of the woods to observe that his father did not adhere to the course they had pursued in their expedition of the preceding autumn.
Yet even in beginners, to adhere so moderately, as he be a man of the one faction, which is most passable with the other, commonly giveth best way.
I do not speak upon this subject as an amateur, nor, I may add, as a popular lecturer, but I speak as one whose scientific conscience compels him to adhere closely to facts, when I say that Mr.
For generations they have not numbered more than one or two hundred, but they still adhere to their ancient faith and maintain their ancient rites and ceremonies.
But when we adhere to the ideal of the poet, we have our difficulties even with Milton and Homer.
Even shaking would tell him nothing, for as the plaster was wet it was probable that the pearl would adhere to it--as, in fact, it has done.
Napoleon merely laid the cross on Lazarev's breast and, dropping his hand, turned toward Alexander as though sure that the cross would adhere there.
To say that Mugambi was entirely happy or at ease in his new environment would not be to adhere strictly to the truth.
We did but aid him to adhere more closely to the injunctions and precepts of Him whose servant and disciple he claims to be.