ADHLAlcohol and Drug Helpline (Seattle, WA)
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However, the PCIJ said that contrary to Villar's claim, ADHL remains active as shown by a check with the BVI Financial Services Commission's Registry of Corporate Affairs.
In a recent report by the pan-Arab Al-Hayat newspaper, the National Society for Human Rights received 30 cases of adhl this year - almost certainly an undercount.
Fathers cite adhl for a variety of reasons - sometimes because a suitor doesn't belong to the same tribe or a prominent enough tribe.
The founder of the Facebook group, who introduced herself only as Amal Saleh in an interview with Saudi daily Al-Watan, said she set up the group after courts let down adhl victims.
Por ejemplo, las secuencias derivadas de plantas de diferentes localidades pertenecientes al teosintle Zea luxurians forma un grupo muy bien definido con los genes glbl y adhl. Estos genes se encuentran cercanos en el cromosoma 1, pero las mismas plantas presentan secuencias mas parecidas a las de otros taxa del genero Zea para la adh2 (del cromosoma 4) y para cl (del cromosoma 9), sugiriendo una historia evolutiva compleja mediada por diferentes tipos de seleccion natural y patrones de flujo genico, que posiblemente sean comunes en la mayor parte de las angiospermas con polinizacion cruzada.
Riyadh topped the Kingdom's cities with the highest rates of adhl cases at 201, followed by Jeddah at 195 cases, Makkah (87), Madinah (52), Taif (36), Ahsa (27), Buraidah (16), and Hail (8), the sources said.
Apart from adhl, there were other cases filed by women against their guardians related to personal status including the marriage of girls without the consent of guardians or marriage without the approval of the girls themselves.
Legal adviser and lawyer Rayyan Mufti said adhl cases should be referred to the reconciliation panel of the court first.
Hammad said adhl could cause severe psychological trauma for women including depression, suicidal tendencies and drug addiction.
A common motive for committing adhl is a father's desire to maintain control of and access to an employed daughter's income.
Last month, the HRC announced its effort to include the crime of adhl in the Kingdom's official definition of human trafficking, which would codify a punishment of up to 15 years in prison and a fine of up to SR1 million to any guardian found guilty of preventing a woman's right to marry a man otherwise deemed acceptable by Shariah.
Again, all the buses, after dropping the Hajis from Arafat, must leave and park outside Mina, Muzdalifah in places like Adhl, Haj street, or Zahir, or in many other open areas of the city.