ADHPAdvanced Dental Hygiene Practitioner
ADHPAerospace, Defense, and High Performance (engineering)
ADHPAuthenticated Diffie-Hellman Protocol (cryptography)
ADHPAlabama Dental Hygiene Program
ADHPAlabama Department of Public Health
ADHPAllain Duhangan Hydroelectric Project (Allain & Duhangan Hydro Power Ltd.; India)
ADHPAssociation for the Development of Human Potential
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While the commercial electronics industry has almost eliminated the need for tin-lead (SnPb)-based electronics systems and products, the ADHP industry, due to a lack of industry-accepted reliability models for Pb-free interconnections, has continued to rely on SnPb for its products.
The agreement with ADHP also awards the developer 80,381 inclusionary air rights for use in Community Board 8 (Upper East Side) or within a half-mile radius of the site.
Chapters four and five concern aspects of narrative structure and strategy found in the ADhP. According to Bowles, the "rhetorical effort to consistently 'rename' the Realpolitik of the brahmanic model of kingship as dharma" (p.
CySEC decided to suspend all the voting rights exceeding 30% that the Company possibly holds today, either directly or via persons acting in agreement with ADHP during the general meetings for one year.
(25) In addition, California educators who were surveyed on the level of education necessary for an ADHP model implemented in medical settings reported approximately half of educators believed a dedicated master's degree was necessary and one third of respondents believed a baccalaureate level plus and ADHP certificate was sufficient.
(2) In addition, the core competencies proposed in the ADHA's Advanced Dental Hygiene Practitioner (ADHP) Model include self-assessment and the commitment to lifelong learning for professional development.
In 2004, ADHA envisioned and described a master's level advanced dental hygiene practitioner (ADHP) who would practice both the full scope of dental hygiene and the full scope of dental therapy, working collaboratively with dentists and other health care providers.
([double dagger]) Multilocus sequence type of 7 housekeeping genes (adhP, pheS, atr, glnA, sdhA, glcK, tktt).
In 2008, the American Dental Hygienists' Association approved a list of competencies for a new type of oral health professional: the Advanced Dental Hygiene Practitioner (ADHP).
(4,8) Baccalaureate degree completion programs support the implementation of the master's degree level Advanced Dental Hygiene Practitioner (ADHP) designed to help address the access to care problem for underserved communities.
Several midlevel provider models have been described and suggested such as the advanced dental hygiene practitioner (ADHP), the community dental health coordinator (CDHC) and the dental health aid therapist (DHAT).
I became the ADHA spokesperson for ADHP, along with the incredibly supportive ADHA staff and board of trustees.