ADHPAdvanced Dental Hygiene Practitioner
ADHPAlabama Dental Hygiene Program
ADHPAlabama Department of Public Health
ADHPAllain Duhangan Hydroelectric Project (Allain & Duhangan Hydro Power Ltd.; India)
ADHPAssociation for the Development of Human Potential
ADHPAuthenticated Diffie-Hellman Protocol (cryptography)
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At this time neither program has pursued a model utilizing a registered dental hygienist to the extent of the ADHP.
CySEC decided to suspend all the voting rights exceeding 30% that the Company possibly holds today, either directly or via persons acting in agreement with ADHP during the general meetings for one year.
8) Practicing dental hygienists (9) and dental hygiene program directors (10) support the ADHP model.
Over the past eight years, as I have reflected on those two issues, promoting the ADHP and hiring an executive director, it is so amazing to see where they have led.
To date, only the Advanced Dental Therapist (ADT) program in Normandale, Minnesota follows the ADHP Model as recommended by the ADHA.
9) Thus the ADHA's ADHP model serves as a plausible solution to limited oral health access by expanding the existing roles of hygienists with both direct access and expanded scope of dental hygiene practice.
6) Three organizations were instrumental in embracing the concept of an ADHP as a viable means of addressing access to oral health care and initiating discussions about mid-level dental practitioner legislation: the Minnesota Safety Net Coalition (MN SNC), the MnSCU, and the Minnesota Dental Hygienists' Association (MnDHA) (Brickle, personal communication, 2013 February 10).
Changing the name from the ADHP to the OHP was a compromise in order to move forward with the legislation with less opposition as the name did not include the direct relation to dental hygiene.
If the ADHP is all about creating more jobs, it is the wrong direction
A recent study on the status of the ADHP reported several states are planning ADHP graduate programs while dental therapists and advanced dental therapists entered the Minnesota workforce in 2011.
Lyle, RDH, MS is a lifelong member of ADHA, having served on the Council on Education and Task Force for Clinical Practice Guidelines, and chaired the Task Force for the ADHP curriculum development.
After several years of work by a task force, advisory committee and public commentary, the ADHP Competency Document was published by ADHA in 2008.