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Only three states (Karnataka, Bihar and Adhra Pradesh) satisfy some expected results as per our hypothesis.
als Bearbeitung von M&P identifizierten persischen Verserzahlung Vamiq u 'Adhra (= V&A; H.
Um eine Art Epitome handelt es sich auch bei dem kurzen Bericht, den 'Adhra uber ihre Erlebnisse vom Beginn ihrer Liebe zu einem 'jungen Mann' bis kurz nach ihrer Trennung von diesem in einer von H.
Additionally, Dr Adhra al Mawali, director of Centre of Studies and Research at MoH and programme director of NCD Strategic Research Programme, has stated that 12.3 per cent Omanis have diabetes and 1,300 new cancer cases are diagnosed annually in Oman.
Adhra Al Mawali spoke about the need to never give up and learn from failures.
Shelly Bray, a community champion with housing provider whg, is one of 12 people who have made the exhausting 10-day trip to Adhra Pradesh in southern India.
made the "surprising discovery that Metiochus and Parthenope did in fact enjoy a prosperous Nachleben in the east", as his attention was called to the Persian verse romance Vamiq and 'Adhra (p.
Another paper takes us to Polycrates' court, the setting of the one overlapping episode extant in both the Greek PR fragments and the Persian Vamiq and 'Adhra. The main aim is to compare the two versions in order to understand how far the Persian romance may help us to recover the Greek "original", but we also learn about other things on the way, e.g.
The second speaker of The Missing Link in Scientific Research was Dr Adhra Al-Mawali, a researcher specializing in genetics and the current director for the Center of Studies and Research within the Ministry of Health.
The author would like to thank Dr Adhra Almawali, PhD for reviewing the paper.